Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Hey guys! I’ve got quite a few friends interested in playing Dungeon World, so I thought I’d try running a West Marches-like campaign.


Now, this does raise a small problem. Currently, I believe I have roughly ten people interested in playing, and that number may grow as time goes on. That in itself isn’t a bad thing, but it does leave me with too few character classes. I’ve got the eight base classes, the Barbarian, and the Immolator all from the main DW site. I also have a Shaman class I found that one of the players was interested in playing, and it looked pretty good.

However, ideally I’d like everyone to play different classes, and have at least a few options even if they pick last. And if their characters were to die, to have the opportunity to pick a class thats new both to them and potentially those they play with. So, does anyone have any base classes they recommend? Or any advice on how to run a campaign in this style for Dungeon World?

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  1. I would highly recommend Class Warfare. It almost ensures that you will have unique characters, because it lets people customize the creation process.

  2. How many groups of players will you have? Two or three? Your fronts may have to be a bit more complex, so that the groups will see each others’ effects. Another thing you can do to avoid playbook duplication is start the groups in thematically distinct steadings, or even on other planes if you’re using Planarch Codex. One group could use the standard playbooks, another might use the Inverse World playbooks, and another might use the Adventures on Dungeon Planet playbooks. Make cross-planar adventuring easy and let the characters interact with all the different environments.

  3. Hey everyone, thanks for all the tips and suggestions so far! I’ll definently be checking all of them out!

    Hey Matthew, sorry but its an in person campaign for my friends and I. Sorry!

    Hey Tim, its less a number of groups of players, and more like a rotating group of players. Its a sort of spur of the moment sort of system, all just depending on who can make it that night. We all have weird schedules that change pretty much every week, and so it all just depends on who can make it and when. However, the West Marches idea is built with this in mind.

    Reading a couple reviews of Grim World thus far, and I have to say it just seems perfect! It should add some real grit to the West Marches.

  4. Ara Kooser​​ Yes, that is what I meant by making Fronts more complex (or smaller and more numerous) as the case may be.

    tsilver33​​​ Grim World brings a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay flavor to DW. Since you’ll just have one large, rotating group you might only need the basic playbooks and the ones from GW. I’d throw in a couple of weird ones too, like the Spider and the Earthling, in case a player wants to really stand out.

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