a couple of quick sketches here . . .

a couple of quick sketches here . . .

a couple of quick sketches here . . .

A soaring tower that was supposed to house an Order of Paladins but ended up looking more arcane than divine. Not sure when and where I will use it.

Some stones and bones. I don’t know why, but I enjoy drawing rocks and boulders. And Calvin & Hobbes-styled trees.

Lastly, a regional map for a new area my players are moving into. There is Starkenhold, a nearby ruin, some woods and hills and of course, a whole bunch of blank, empty space to fill in later.

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  1. For now, Im open to taking requests. I’m hoping to establish a decent portfolio before I start getting into the $ side of things, and even then, since this is just a hobby, I’d probably be thinking more along the lines of gratuity/donations rather than a flat out fee.


  2. You could be professional. I assure you. In fact, I’m working on an adventure for Dungeon World and the moment I saw that castle, I thought of how that would look good in the background of an opening page or in line with text. You have a skill. I look forward to seeing more!

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