Working on a compendium class, struggling with the intro move, would love any feedback:

Working on a compendium class, struggling with the intro move, would love any feedback:

Working on a compendium class, struggling with the intro move, would love any feedback:

The pdf has a second page with the rest of the class moves:

17 thoughts on “Working on a compendium class, struggling with the intro move, would love any feedback:”

  1. DW HP totals are significantly higher.

    I like it not being “Ignores Armor”, honestly, just because I think the idea of someone bringing their shield up to bear against the bolt of magic lightning is a pretty interesting image 🙂

  2. Dirk Detweiler Leichty : Are you thinking about making an ebook or anything? It seems like you’re chronicling your ideas in a pretty presentable way.

  3. Should say, the main thing I want to do with this move is to set up the “spark” currency for the rest of the class moves, while giving it just barely enough utility to be attractive on it’s own (there’s a second page in the PDF, in case anyone missed it.)

  4. Dirk Detweiler Leichty Great compendium class … and I think there’s a problem with the Spark economy across the class which is behind the difficulties with the Spark in the Blood intro move.

    Having a low Spark cap and spending Spark to either get a decent one-off roll on an advanced move or use intro move powers, means the intro and advanced moves are effectively competing with each other.  

    Add the fact that in many sessions the character will get hardly any Spark to play with (or none if they don’t Make Camp that session), and you discover that the actual use a player will get out of the LL as currently written is likely to be very limited.

    The best option is to save Spark for the advanced move benefits (two of which are passive and extremely powerful at +4), but requires pretty much ignoring the Spark in the Blood powers.

    The following suggestions might help resolve this:

    – increase the amount of Spark recharge to d4+2

    – raise the Spark cap to 6

    – revise Crown of Clouds and Elemental Supremacy to be +1/Spark spent

    – keep the rest of Spark in the Blood as written

  5. Huh, I’d go a different direction than Michael D.

    I’d cap spark at 3, with an advance moved let it go up to 4. Then I’d change to Spark in the Blood to:  _When you would take damage from lightning or spend an hour or so reveling under a roiling storm, take no damage and set your Spark to 3._  Maybe add When you make camp under the open sky, gain 1 Spark (up to 3).  

    Then change the “Ignore or redirect an electrical attack…” option to just “Redirect an electrical attack…”.

    Otherwise, I’d use the move as written (maybe allow you to ask “What do the storm gods will?” whenever you hold Spark).

    For the advanced moves:

    Storm Caller: I’d be inclined to just say “answer one of the following for each Spark spent” and not have the roll.  I see that the roll makes it riskier, but the unanswered questions are basically golden opportunities anyhow, right?

    Crown of Clouds: I always advise against moves that say “your __ is always sufficient leverage” or anything like that.  Because, really?  The King of the Storm Giants is going to be impressed by this pint-sized storm coppertop?  I think that using Spark instead of CHA is just fine.  

    Elemental Supremacy: Armor vs forces of nature feels weak, especially since many of them would have an “ignores armor” tag.  Maybe change this to “spend 1 Spark to ignore harm from a force of nature–fire, thunder, wind, drowning, or even elemental magic.”

  6. Good changes Jeremy Strandberg

    Still not sure what’s going to happen if a character wants to develop into a full Lightning Lord (which I’d love to see because it’s a great compendium class).

    – Are they going to get Spark to make real use out of the Lightning Lord moves they invest in?

    – Or is taking more than +1 on any one of the advanced moves going to immediately wipe out their Lightning Lord powers?

  7. I see where you’re coming from on that Michael D. But I’m not too worried about Reanimator (because it won’t come up very often, and when it does it’ll probably be worth it).  And Stormcaller can largely be used to re-charge yourself, so again… not a huge deal. 

    That said, Dirk Detweiler Leichty, maybe consider a level 6+ move that allows for:

    self-charging (like maybe spend HP to get 1 Spark).  And maybe another one that lets you use one or more of the Spark in the Blood options without spending Spark.  

  8. Looks very good.

    One more suggestion: Ask ‘What do the Storm Gods will?” and take +1 forward to act in accordance with the answer.

  9. Thinking further about Ask ‘What do the Storm Gods will?” it would also make sense to take -1 ongoing when you act against that will.

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