16 thoughts on “What’s a cool thing for a magical ,oddly light wooden shield to do?”

  1. It’s alive and repairs itself of damage.

    If split into pieces, each piece grows into a new shield. Each shield generation more likely to break than the last.

  2. If you strip a sliver off for tinder, the fire made from it will start and burn cleanly. But if any heresy is uttered nearby, it will sputter and choke the area with sickly green smoke.

  3. A classical one: you can use it like a throwing ranged weapon, with these tags: close, near, throwing, trickshot. The shield always come back to the wielder (barred some 6- interesting GM moves).

    Trickshot tag: you can Volley with INT to avoid cover, to hit behind corners etc.

  4. One or more of the following:

    a) It floats in water, and can support it’s conscious wielder, head above the waves, in any weather.

    b) When placed against a thin barrier, like a door or thin wall, it forms itself into a portal through it. 

    c) When wielded, it prevents falling damage. The user just glides to the ground.

    d) It is impossible for the wielder to be knocked from his feet, and can’t accidentally drop the shield.

    (I should have read the other comments first.)

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