4 thoughts on “Today’s doodle . . .”

  1. About that . . . Just got some bad news.

    The Michaels near me just dropped them. It sounds like it’s chain wide (at least up here in Canada). You can still get them but I think they come from the UK, so you are talking big bucks.

    Michaels carries a similar product called Copic, but the cool grays look they only come in six shades vs. the ten that the Patones came in.

    I don’t have much a choice but to go with the copics, but at least it’s 30% off the entire purchase starting tomorrow.

  2. I’ve used Copic briefly before. I should look into them; I’ve always liked them. And truth be told, I’m super super super amateur, so it’s not like I’d use all 10 shades anyway >.>

  3. Checked out the Copic markers today. Nice blending but I didn’t like the actual brush tip. Might end up going with Prismacolors instead. 36$ for six before discount. Not bad.

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