At my table we have tweaked the Volley move a bit.

At my table we have tweaked the Volley move a bit.

At my table we have tweaked the Volley move a bit.

Instead of “You have to take what you can get: -6 damage” , we have been rolling with “You have to take what you can get: deal 1/2 damage”

We did this because 7-9 should feel like a success (albeit one with a cost or compromise) and the possibility of -1d6 damage negating all the damage one might potentially deal seems more like a failure to us.

Granted, one could argue that in regards to the act of volley, hitting the target is the real success and that damage is just the icing on the cake, I suppose.

At any rate, our house ruled volley option is the now the standard for our group. We also wrote it up that way for our home brew undead apocalypse hack called Zombieworld.


15 thoughts on “At my table we have tweaked the Volley move a bit.”

  1. Hey, it was mostly your idea – I agree that doing zero damage is kinda uninspiring.  It’s just that “worst of two dice” feels like a more “Dungeon World” method to me than 1/2 damage.

  2. Oooh, rolling twice and taking the lesser sounds very good! Dirk Detweiler Leichty , Alexander Glenn , what do you guys think of this? I do agree that a 7+ should feel like a success, and rolling 0 damage isn’t really succeeding, but rolling twice and taking the lesser definitely gives it a “you’ve succeeded, but not as well as you could have” feel.

  3. Hm. On that note, simply saying “deal one step lower die for damage” would be interesting too, but perhaps not seem as harsh lol. Yeah I think I’d like to try the lower of two dice for volley option, if Dirk’s down with it

  4. IMO. I don’t like it. What if you roll maximum on both dice? No consequence then? It happens at my table and I don’t like it. I prefer it as is.

  5. Oney Clavijo

    Is it really that offensive that the player does one more point of damage than they would have done under the “old” method? Especially when it happens less often, assuming a damage die greater than 6?  One time in 64, I can live with this.

  6. Yeah, to me it’s the fact that you taking a chance rolling two dice and the odds are one will be lower than other. So burn up ammo and deal full damage, or take a risk.

  7. Remember that the player chooses which option they take. If they decide to risk the -1d6 option inflicting 0 damage, that’s their call.

    That said, what really matters is what works in your game – your house rule works for you, so go for it.

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