13 thoughts on “I am SO frustrated with trying to get local gamers to try DW.”

  1. If it’s not Pathfinder, it doesn’t hit the table here in Charlotte, NC (well, I HAVE seen one game of D&D 5 and Star Wars). From what I have seen, there seem to be quite a few gamers here. Another funny thing is, it’s impossible to set up a game on Sunday in these parts…

  2. Maybe it’s an issue of how you present it? If you’re asking people to come play a game they don’t have, one of the first roadblocks is “I don’t want to buy another system rulebook.” Make it clear that the players don’t need to own the book to play. Emphasize that it’s easy to learn as well.

  3. I hand-selected people to play with, pitched it to them individually, and emphasized that all they needed to bring was their imagination and maybe some dice and pencils if they liked. Then I scheduled it for a time when they’d be together anyways (a Magic: the Gathering casual-play night that was losing steam). Boom, game’s on.

    Choose 5; run with as few as 3. Any less show up, play something else and start looking for others, until you hit 3.

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