12 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as a Dungeon World DM screen?”

  1. Like, just to clarify my stance: i think GM screens tend to have useful info on them! And they are useful in certain ways! Like, I might use a smallish screen with the moves on them so I can keep my head up and not look down while sorting out notes… but then, I don’t need to look up moves anymore, because I just know them at this point. But GM screens also tend to have item prices and service prices and such, and I’d love to have that stuff freely available to me, ya know?

    So I guess what I mean is: the screen-as-barrier is kind of meaningless in DW, but the screen-as-info-reference is probably better served by notes on the table in front of you or something less obstructive than a standard screen… what that alternative is, though, I am not quite sure.

  2. I made a screen out of two pieces of bristol board taped together; I put a summary of the common player moves, GM moves, GM principles, etc. on one side, and checkboxes for my Grim Portents on the other side, so I can keep track of the progress of my Fronts at a glance.

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