2 thoughts on “What are peoples opinions on the Battlemaster from Grimworld.”

  1. I run an intermittent Grim World campaign. One of my groups plays a Battlemaster. He has a lot of fun with it, and it’s always entertaining to see him bend terrible situations into advantageous ones.

    Some nice spends of Gambit from him have been:

    -leading one group of enemies into another group of enemies, saving the party’s collective hide and giving them the opportunity to make off with the loot.

    -waiting till just the right moment for a blizzard to strike to lead the group away from a small army to relative safety

    -using Gambit to pass his Final Breath roll because luring the demon sow in close was all part of the plan.

    These moments were a lot more exciting in play 😉

    I really like the Battlemaster, and would definitely recommend reading advice provided in Grim World or offer it to the GM to read to get the most out of this class.

  2. I would like to test the class because I fear some of the gambits might break the fiction a bit. Also half your class features are turned off if people don’t fail moves.

    You want failed moves in your game but encouraging them like this seems like weird class design to me.

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