SO, a question about Outstanding Warrants.

SO, a question about Outstanding Warrants.

SO, a question about Outstanding Warrants.


Outstanding Warrants

When you return to a civilized place in which you’ve caused trouble before, roll+Cha. ✴On a 10+, word has spread of your deeds and everyone recognizes you. ✴On a 7–9, as above, and the GM chooses a complication: 

o  The local constabulary has a warrant out for your arrest. 

o  Someone has put a price on your head. 

o  Someone important to you has been put in a bad spot as a result of your actions. 

What happens on a miss? DM chooses one or more of those options?

13 thoughts on “SO, a question about Outstanding Warrants.”

  1. I would treat the options under 7-9 as set-up or soft gm moves. In other words, the PCs learn or discover that a warrant is out for them, but they have time to decide what to do about it.

    On a 6-, its more of a hard move. So, not only is there a warrant, but the Constable and his men actually arrest the PCs. (Or at the very least, suddenly show up and surround the PCs with the intent to apprehend!)

    In one case the threat is less immediate and it gives the players a chance to decide what to do. In the other, the threat is immediate, and the players choices of how to react are probably more limited.


    On a miss there is a dragon attack!

    Yes, ok, with a miss the GM makes an hard move.

    I don’t see why it should be anything but a dragon attack u.u

  3. Hard move, following thru’ the fiction, as usual.

    No reason to make a hard move NOT related to the situation.

    Also, NOT a dragon attack.

    Because no, Ezio.

    A zombie dragon, however…

  4. Perhaps the Outstanding Warrant might give rise to a Front, as the miscreant’s infamy spreads to powerful individuals with an interest in peace and order?

  5. Diego Minuti you can actually use an hard move to introduce something entirely new.

    “Ok people, NOW we have dragons”.

    On the other hand I DO Like it more when the GM moves are directly tied to the failure fiction.

    And you are absolutely right on zombies u.u

  6. Make a hard move if a soft move has set one up.  Otherwise make a soft move.

    I like the idea of turning things around on a 6-.  So maybe everyone knows what the PCs did, and they’re actually looked up to because of it!  The town actually gives them authority because of it!  Their arrival is praised in the streets!

    Because SOMEONE has to lead/save us from the two thousand strong Orc Horde headed this way!

  7. On a miss the town is in festive mood: a fair has been set up in the square, the center piece of which is a large, but as yet unlit, bonfire; adults lines the street to the square bearing swords, spears and pitchforks decorated with ribbons, every fourth person carrying a lit torch; and the town guard have turned out in force to give you a ceremonial escort to the celebrations.

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