12 thoughts on “Hi guys, is there a werewolf character class for DW? Can you share a link to it?”

  1. Yeah, there’s no “Your entire class is about being a werewolf” classes of which I know. They’re all compendium classes that are added on to the base class.

  2. I can appreciate the desire for a base class werewolf. Honestly just Frankenstein it, I’d let the player be a Fighter with instant access to the Number Appearing werewolf or just some home made Moves. Thats all it’ll take. 🙂

  3. New moon: +3

    Crescent moon: +2

    Half moon: +1

    Gibbous moon: 0

    Full moon: -1

    When you are potentially triggered roll+moon.

    On10+ nothing happens

    On 7-9 you change into a wolf-man but remain in control of your actions. Take +1 ongoing to str, and -1 ongoing to wis. You gain monster moves for a wolf.

    On 6- you lose control and will harm youself or innocent bystanders unless restrained. You run off into the woods to hunt.

    Potential triggers

    • The sight of blood.

    • The sight of the full moon.

    • Any strong emotion.

    • Physical harm.

    When you are in wolfman form any wound sustained will heal within minutes, even if you are below 0 hit points, unless the wound is contaminated with silver. Any wound contaminated with silver will be mortal and you will eventually die.

    When you bite a humanoid while in wolf form that humanoid becomes a werewolf too.

  4. Advanced move


    When you summon a pack of wolves while in wolf-man form

    — 1d8 +2 wolves appear but only if you are in the wild.

    — You are the alpha of the pack, it will follow your lead and attack on your command.

    — You can track any quarry infallibly as long as it is on foot and in the wild.

  5. Cool stuff.

    BTW – Lycanthrope (Werewolf) in Number Appearing replaces your racial moves. Greater Lycanthrope is a a compendium class. All the options in Number Appearing were designed so you can play them from creation.

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