Wand = Volley with INT

Wand = Volley with INT

Wand = Volley with INT

Wands are intensely personal and each practitioner of the Arcane must craft their own. After researching the arcane rituals (and consulting with the GM) the Ritual move can be used to craft a wand. The GM is free to choose or add from the following conditions in addition to those already present in the Ritual move:

-It must be made form the bones/horns of a ______

-It must be bathed in the ___ of a ___.

-You must imprison a ___ inside the wand.

After the Ritual is complete you may use your wand to focus a blast and deal class damage by using INT to perform the Volley move. You may not choose to reduce AMMO but instead that option is replaced with : You affect more or less than you intended to. Wands will only function for their creators.

Advanced Move: 2-5

Warded Wand – You always know where you wand is. You have an inherent sense of where it is in relation to yourself at all times. If anyone other than you touches your wand they take class damage instantly and you are alerted, waking instantly and fully awake. If in Near range and unhindered/unimpeded, you can call it to you hand instantly.

7 thoughts on “Wand = Volley with INT”

  1. I like this. Much more of the “wands as personal statement” vibe then I went for in my Ptolus hack. The hack used the more “wands as commodity” aesthetic found in d20: 

    When you release a spell from a wand, roll+DEX. Take −2 if you lack spell casting ability. Take +1 if the spell is from your schools, spheres or repertoire, or you are otherwise familiar with casting it. Take −1 if the level of the spell equals your level. Take −2 if the level of the spell exceeds your level. On a 10+, the spell is cast. On a 7–9, the spell is cast, but choose one:

    o The wand cannot be used again for a day.

    o The spell generates feedback. You take 1d6 damage.

    o You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM will tell you how.

    On a miss, the wand likely loses its magic (use up their resources), becoming a glorified stick.

  2. I really like this… In fact I will probably steal this for my campaign world. It has a sort of resurgence of long-dead magics built in, so this would fit right in.

  3. I kind of see the new 7-9 option as just a narrower version of “unwelcome attention or put in a spot.” Maybe the wands can have charges? Or their power diminishes with each shot (maybe they do d10, then a drop a die down to d4 with each choice of the 7-9 option?).

  4. Patrick S.

    Excellent idea. If you are going to implement charges there should also be recharge requirments, Must be left under the light of the moon, must be soaked in the blood of an enemy, etc….

    There are definetly lots of tweaks and customization you can do with this. Just think of it as a starting point for your own ideas, just glad people liked it.

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