9 thoughts on “Question: If I completely convert a classic D&D adventure to DW, can I then share it without getting in any…”

  1. You could share the converted mechanical elements (DW stats for monsters, characters, traps, etc, etc, etc) as that is your material, but none of the plot elements or descriptive text.

  2. As long as you don’t sell it and it isn’t popular, you may sneak by. I’ve been converting Expedition to Castle Ravenloft to 13th Age and have had not C&Ds thus far. My final document is structured in a way that you need the original book to use it, which may help. 

  3. Ok… as a matter of fact, I want to do the I6 Ravenloft original adventure… I’m doing it because I’m gonna play it with my group. And since I going to do the conversion anyways, I thought “Hey I should share it!” I guess if (as you guys suggest) I don’t include any plot or descriptive text, and I make it so the original adventure and maps are needed, I’ll be ok. Thanks.

  4. I’m very interested in seeing that when you are done. There’s been no problems with using 13th Age, but the two system inspire different types of game play an I think DW fits the aesthetic of Ravenloft better.

  5. It depends what you mean by trouble but certainly the copyright holder would have a basis to send a cease & desist on the basis of your distributing an unauthorized derivative work. Following the above advice might alter their calculus but there still may be a colorable argument for infringement in my opinion.

  6. The choices are, don’t sell it…


    Would it be so terrible to change the name and alter things as you go? I mean, it won’t end up being the same if you fully convert it to DW.

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