Idea for a Post-Apocalyptic Dungeon World game.

Idea for a Post-Apocalyptic Dungeon World game.

Idea for a Post-Apocalyptic Dungeon World game.  And no not like Apocalypse World, more like Thundarr the Barbarian.  But I have some ideas and wanted to know if there are some other people to contact who might have some first hand knowledge about Kickstarter. 

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  1. I don’t know much about the backend or marketing side of the process and Kickstarter, but I have some solid ideas for taking DW and creating a science fantasy campaign setting and would love to get some help and advice. 

  2. Well, his idea is more like Mad Max, mine was really more like Thundarr that has science fantasy and sorcery along with Gamma World technology and robots.  And a fair dose of horror from Elder Gods.  

  3. I ran a short campaign like that. I started with Anomalous Subsurface Environment (only ended up using about three paragraphs as fronts), Planet Motherf***er, Grim World, and of course, Adventures on Dungeon Planet. I limited the playbooks to world-appropriate ones. Think Thundarr crossed with Zardoz and Deadwood.

  4. that sounds cool.  So yes, I’d love to see a whole campaign book dedicated to such a gonzo setting.  Even if I had to get some folks to help me make it 🙂

  5. My idea was, remember Stephen King’s the Mist, book or film?   The military project unleashed some awful things and opened gates in the fog, and the ultimate “end” is nuclear armaments used to close the gates. 

  6. Sounds like a blast! Questions I’d like answered:

    What sort of races are running around? Humans, various mutants and robots springs to mind. I like the idea that all the various “races” can live together, maybe have relatives that different to yourself; such as a human with a psychic mutant brother etc.

    How close are the Elder Things to the world? Are they like gods, or can they be found out there, either roaming as colossal alien beasts or even acting as inhuman kings.

    Can I have a shotgun?

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