13 thoughts on “Help Wanted! Ranger & Wizard seek 2 adventurers to join them in Dungeon World play-by-Tweet campaign. Apply here!”

  1. The adventure up to this point…our party independently show up to small pub The Silver Scale to avoid the winter elements. The Halfling Druid is in town for a drink & seeks adventure. The Paladin has sworn to maintain a strict border between the worlds of the living & dead, is hunting an undead necromancer Taqur of the Mask, and is here to investigate reports of undead activity. The Ranger, with her jaguar sidekick, seeks clues to her father’s disappearance. And finally, the Wizard, a deposed leader of a fallen nation-state who hopes to one day take back his rightful place, seeks a local book collector who possesses rare magical tomes which might hold the secret to eternal life.

    The Silver Scale’s bar wench Helga shared the latest rumors with our party. Old Man Bernard was buried last week but his son Dennis swears he ran into his deceased father who ran screaming into the woods. Also, Lord Green showed up at the pub on a cold, rainy night last week after spending the last month mourning the death of his  wife. His seemingly young & healthy wife mysteriously shriveled up & died.  Such a shame, as Lord Green is the last living member of Green bloodline. The Silver Scale’s rooms were occupied, but Lord Green graciously offered a room at his manor to a visiting hunter.

    A table full of young, drunk punks from the local gang The Greenton Rats gave bar wench Helga a hard time, refusing to pay, & being generally drunken & obnoxious. The Wizard took exception to their behavior & a melee ensued. The Druid turned into a wolf & managed to impale himself on the shards of a broken chair but the party manhandled the young punks, the gang leader Wattie losing his hand.

    Helga thanked the party for finally driving The Rats from The Silver Scale. It was at this time the Druid decided it was best to stay behind & tend to his wounds. The rest of our party decided to further investigate the story of Old Man Bernard running of screaming into the forest a week after his funeral service. To be continued…

  2. That is probably the best way to describe it. Our Twitter accounts were created specifically for this game so as not to confuse with non-game related Tweets. “We use quotation marks for character dialogue” and [brackets for out of character Tweets]. We use @smidgeodice for dice rolls.

    I don’t have much play by post experience, but I’ve observed that some players can really bog things down by being overly verbose. I find the 140-character limit really keeps the action moving.

    The biggest issue that we’ve had is characters who don’t post as often as others getting a bit lost if they don’t check in somewhat frequently. Other than that, I think it’s a pretty fun way to play online & the Dungeon World system makes it easy to handle.

  3. Haha, I hope that verbose comment wasn’t a shot at me! It has really been a lot of fun, and it moves forward more quickly than any other pbp that I have ever played! I recommend it, Shawn is a Cadillac of a GM!

  4. Brandon, it’s not directed at any of the players in our game. It’s an observation about other pbp games I have seen where there always seems to be at least one player that writes volumes in each post and it kills the momentum of the game.

  5. I’m hoping the character limit will make it more plausible that I can maintain the time and momentum to be involved. Usually the read-other-players requirement drives me out over time because I can’t read five screens of text twice a day.

  6. Some days, the action is hot & heavy, others it is much slower. Usually, if one or two players are heavily involved and I haven’t heard from the others, I pause the action until the others have a chance to weigh in.

  7. Is there any sort of merged transcript of this game?  I tried following it via the above link, but you only get once “voice” at a time.

  8. You would probs just need to follow everyone currently playing to get the full picture. Im in the game and that is an effective strategy. Im sure everyone would enjoy an audience!

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