A deck of many things -like artifact, Dungeon World style.

A deck of many things -like artifact, Dungeon World style.

A deck of many things -like artifact, Dungeon World style.

Consider this a first draft. Feedback encouraged. In particular, tell me what your favorite card is and then tell me how you would change your least favorite.

(Shout out to The Decktet.)


2 thoughts on “A deck of many things -like artifact, Dungeon World style.”

  1. I kind of like it(I have read mostly the effects of cards), BUT I think it’s more suited not for players(some are really too strong, they would spoil the fun), but for stories(look down for examples)…

    Here some example of cards effects for a campaing:

    Battle, Borderland, Calamity(all good for a campaign, with it actually happened or as goal of the querent), Excuse(I would add that someone remeber some memories of the other timeline, it would create heroes trying to restore the world as it was, trying to avenge something or becoming allies of the querent(if they knew who did it)), End(the querent cult try to ressurrect him with a real complicated ritual, involving something(see record of lodoss war)), Huntress(“Make me the ruler of this world, and I will mate with you”… a “classic”), Knot(similar to End, this one is perfect if you want a querent like a really powerfull being(ex: a demigod dark overlord)), Light keeper and battle is a great combo.

    Here something I would correct:

    RITE is a great idea as feat of the villain, but for this reason(also if it’s a player who got this) I would lower the damage taken from killing one marked.

    SOLDIER I would erase: “The new enemy becomes extremely persuasive”, because he just knew the enemies of querent, reader and witnesses(wich with this should have a bonus of persuasion), and should be clever enough to use their resources to accomplish his mission.

    Examples of villains:

    -an order with the querent(who can be a powerfull being, not always human) as leader, who try to use multiple times the cards for his goals;

    -an order lead by a council(guided by a goal or behind it there is a leader, but he never partecipate to the rituals), (seeing the effects of some cards, most likely this one);

    -an alliance of individuals(human or inhuman)(think of a legacy), who act individually(but there could be limitations given by the rules and decisions created in their reunions) but could have a goal in common. This one could be a neutral or enemy organisation for the player if they have the goal to use the card, and anyone who use the ritual could be welcomed in it(mostly ex-underlings of them).

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