Anyone willing to help me out with an introduction to Dungeon World via Hangouts?

Anyone willing to help me out with an introduction to Dungeon World via Hangouts?

Anyone willing to help me out with an introduction to Dungeon World via Hangouts? I plan to run it for others and want to make sure I’m ready, know what I’m doing, and can run a smooth enough game. I also want to play before I GM. Any help is appreciated!

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  1. If you guys are staring up a game I would also like to play…. I have played only once before cause the game fell through after that but I had fun.

  2. I’m available tonight, but not on Sun. or Mon. What time zone is that relative to GMT? I’m GMT-5.

    So long as we have an experienced GM I’m game with whoever wants to play. Ideally 3-5 players.

  3. Don’t mean to hijack, but if there’s room, I’d love to get on and play too. I just played my first DW game tonight, and I’m disappointed because it was only a one shot. I’d love to get into a longer term campaign if possible. Let me know if there’s more room!

  4. Not hijacking, we need a group. I’ve watched a few one shot DW games and they often do things differently like ignore XP, or basically skip much of a normal first session. I definitely want more than a one shot.

  5. Yeah, I didn’t like that some pretty important aspects were left out like the importance of XP and the bonds. But anyway, if you manage to get a group together for a long term run, I’d love to join. Just as a heads up, I’m most interested in playing the Paladin or Ranger at the moment, though I’d be open to a Fighter or Wizard too.

  6. So we have what, a GM and 3 players so far then? Chime in with your desired class if you’re interested so we can see who we have available. If I can get something out of the way I may be available tonight. If we don’t have the players yet, then perhaps we can start Tues?

  7. No particular requests, but as I mentioned before Paladin or Ranger are my top two choices at the moment. Thanks for GM’ing Oney, and what time would the possible games be on Sundays or Tuesday? I’m EST.

  8. I’m also EST. -I’m hoping to get an expected interruption out of the way in an hour or two, then I’d be available for a session/intro if others are available.- At this point your choices are available, so pick one. 🙂 One of the benefits of playing online is we could potentially play whenever people are available.

  9. Sorry, while Sundays in GENERAL are a-okay, I can’t this week because of a project I have. As for campaigns, I like progression like anything else, so things that start small then get epic.

  10. Ok Fill in these please:







    add as needed.

    Choose one playstyle:


    This is Sparta

    The X-Files



  11. Paladin1: Steven

    Playstyle: uh…. I’m not sure to be honest. All of the above, other, I’m not sure. It really depends on what the party is like, and I’m not exactly sure what you mean by all of those anyway. Like, how we as individual players play our characters, or how we’d like the campaign to go?

    Anyway, aren’t there only supposed to be one of any class in the party? Just wondering, because you listed 2 Fighters.

  12. You are free to take any class you want. I am not going to force you into any role. If you want to be an all wizard party so be it. I put 2 fighters because that’s an easy one for starters. Better having two newby fighters than two newby wizards.

    Playstyle refers to the way you like adventures to be run.

  13. Ah, ok. Apologies, and thanks for the clarification. In terms of playstyle then, I’m still not 100% sure, but I’m thinking Sparta, X-Files, or somewhere between the two.

  14. OK, we’re thinking of starting @6:30 on Saturday the 28th.

    I’ll claim the wizard. Playing style would be other, but not sure how to describe. I appreciate various elements. Balanced perhaps.

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