8 thoughts on “So, this feels very DW to me… what do you think?  How would you adjudicate it?”

  1. I believe there’s some posts on the story-games forums that have a way to do something like this with world of dungeons. iirc, the GM describes the severity of the hit, then you roll what would have been damage. The player can choose to either take the hit (and be blinded, or bleeding, or scarred, or without an arm) or spend the appropriate hp as “plot armor” to avoid it. Was an interesting thought!

  2. This reminds me of Unknown Armies. I seem to recall that damage taken is kept secret by the GM, and the players have to rely on the GM’s descriptions alone to estimate how hurt they are.

  3. Mattia Bulgarelli So why did you ask does trollbabe handle damage in a similar way ?I don’t know much about the game other than the  troll babe being  numerically defined by one number and it being written by Ron Edwards.

  4. Trollbabe has only two mechanical states for the main characters: “wounded” and “not wounded”.

    Other than that, all wounds, injuries, etc. are fictional elements.

    So, if a Trollbabe or NPC has, let’s say, a broken hand, they have to act accordingly.

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