Honoring the Dead

Honoring the Dead

Honoring the Dead

I have a player who’s new to RPGs, but he’s super enthusiastic and really having a great time in our campaign. Sadly, his PC Arnulf, Cleric of Ulgorshod (Lord of Dark and Depressing Things) has rolled Last Breath twice in the past two sessions. He lucked out with a 10 two sessions ago, but then got sliced in two this past weekend on a 5 (luckily Arnulf embraces pain and suffering, so he died happily).

I want to do some kind of cool callback to Arnulf or bring him back for some kind of cameo, because he was such a great character. Any ideas?

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  1. He could show up as Death next time someone rolls for Last Breath. Maybe the Grim Ripper’s mantle is passed from one worthy hero to another, or maybe Death disappeared and someone had to take over.

  2. An NPC could inquire about Arnulf when next the party returns to a town. Or a messenger arrives with a note for Arnulf. Basically, have them feel the loss of Arnulf by having to explain to another that he’s gone. This could easily lead to resolving a final quest in Arnulf’s name.

  3. I’d suggest taking the flashback idea one step further…have an entire scene (maybe even a whole adventure) take place in the past. Imagine how cool it would be when you set the scene, describe the heroes arriving….and you hand Arnulf’s character sheet back to the player.

  4. When you fondly remember Arnulf roll+CHA

    On a 10+ His spirit appears and gives you useful guidance.

    On a 7-9 you His spirit appears and gives you a cryptic warning.

    On a 6 or less, you have disturbed the spirits!

  5. To add to what Ed Gibbs said, you can give the other players a “luck” meter. Each time they would die or be forever damaged by something from the flashback they can mark off some luck. When they next play in “present day” their luck indicates how hard things go for them, especially when they roll a 6 or less.

    Fun little mechanic from Monster of the Week.

    Have fun!

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