New Class: The Knight Errant

New Class: The Knight Errant

New Class: The Knight Errant

Hey DW People, I was reading Class Warfare for the first time the other day and I was inspired by “the fool”. It made me think of Don Quixote or Joxer the mighty. The kind of knight whose heart is in the right place, but who is actually a little mad and in over their head. They end up being beaten up time and again, but their convictions are so strong they just keep trying.

It’s an inspirational and also tragic archetype, so I really wanted to make it into a playbook. Here’s my first pass at “The Knight Errant”. I’d love to get your feedback on it =)

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  1. This is one of my favorite fictional character tropes.  In real life, you have to keep pounding until luck lines up with your timing, but that’s so rarely depicted in fiction (especially heroic fiction). 

    I’d drop the ‘take -1 ongoing’ for the lack of luck.  Do you want the player to be fiddling with balancing their luck, or willingly over extending themselves?  Both are viable options, but the flavortext implies the latter.

    I <3 "Feigned Competence"

    I think I get the difference between Meatshield and Martyr’s Shield.  As a GM I’d consider someone ‘close’ distance from an angry ogre to be in combat with them, whether they were trying to put the pointy end in that ogre or his nearby friend.

    The super-lucky move is probably okay for dungeon crawling, but ignoring the first four attacks that hit you is a HUGE deal when you’re playing with a GM who prefers huge single fights separated by some downtime.

    Staunch Defender and the M’Shields have a looooot of overlap. 

  2. Delos Adamski, I wanted to ride the line between silly and tragically noble. You could play the class sort of either way.

    Sean Fager, I totally agree, I love this Archetype =) I’ll take another look through the moves for some overlap.

    In terms of the -1 ongoing, I guess it’s meant to represent your luck running out. Which is something that happens to this archetype. I’ll look at it again and see if there’s any way of customizing it further.

    I think it would be great to drop some to pick up some more really custom ones just for this Playbook.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on any really custom moves for this archetype?

  3. Hey Sean Fager, that looks great 🙂

    Thanks for doing it!

    I think you missed one of the starting moves though. Did you use the second file that I posted?

  4. Hi Sean. I feel the human move is somewhat weak. It’s uncommon to be beated (also, DW characters almost always travel in packs!) and re-encounter the same enemy later. So I propose something like “when you suffer damage, then obtain +1 Armor against that enemy until you beat him”. I think it can work better.

  5. Hmm. You could be right. I might have to specify that you can only have this bonus active against one opponent at a time.

    It would point towards the Knight Errant’s tendency to engage in “righteous single combat!”

    Hmm… Maybe I’ll rename the “Oath of Enmity” to “Righteous Single Combat” 😉

  6. I did leave out a starting move, and adjusted the advanced moves that

    used it as a prerequisite accordingly. There wasn’t enough room on

    the first page, even after parring down text as far as I could! I

    could make the font smaller, but I’ve tried that before and it really

    hurts the flow.

    It’s the one that I didn’t see the practical distinction between it

    and the advanced version ‘Martyr’s Shield’. (It’s also kind of

    covered in the Defend basic move)

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