Are there any discussion forums out there still talking about World of Dungeons?

Are there any discussion forums out there still talking about World of Dungeons?

Are there any discussion forums out there still talking about World of Dungeons? I can only seem to find old ones. Specifically trying to find a community discussing hacks.

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  1. I got Stars Without Number a while back, I really enjoy the amount of detail and resources to draw from, but not as big a fan of the char creation and combat system. Stumbled over my old WOD file, and I thought that it would be a perfect fit. I will post some stuff tonight and see if I can get feedback.

  2. OK, here’s my rough notes. It’s not in any sort of final form yet, so be gentle..


    Attribute rolls are same as WOD, but no +3 on a 12. There are no classes; characters start with 3 skills and 1 talent. Hit Dice are calculated as normal. Characters choose a starting goal, as per SWN; this is worth 10-200 xp based on GM call.






















    Unlike standard WOD, skills grant +1 to any roll involving that area of expertise, including declaring contacts. Academics includes History and any sort of scholarly pursuits. Linguistics reflects a very broad base of languages, not just a single one; only roll if there’s a reason the character wouldn’t know the language. Skills like Tech and Vehicles contain all sub-skills (except for PreTech and PsiTech, see talents)   


    If your character’s background suggests that you would know something about a particular culture, roll +INT. On a hit, the GM will tell you something useful. On a 10+, they’ll tell you something useful and secret. On a miss, they’ll tell you something interesting, though not necessarily useful. Tell everyone how you learned this.

    A character starts with 3 skills, and gains 3 more over time. Three characters could cover the entire list, but I think having some overlap here is OK.


    AMBUSH – Deal +3 damage when attacking with surprise or concealment

    ASSAULT – +2 damage with melee attacks

    DEADEYE – +2 damage with ranged weapons

    DOCTOR – Characters under your care can change one HD to 6 when rolling hp 

    EXPERT* – Once per hour, turn a miss on a skill roll into a partial success

    GIFTED – Gain +2 Psi

    MASTERY – Choose a discipline, you do not spend Psi to activate it.

    PRETECH – You can understand and repair pre-Scream technology

    PSITECH – You are able to use psitech weaponry and devices

    PSYCHIC* – You have psychic abilities, choose 1 discipline to start

    REFLEXES – You always go first and can react when suddenly surprised

    SAVANT – Choose a skill, treat any misses as a partial success

    SCOUT – When sneaking you always spot an enemy before it spots you

    SIDEKICK – You have a loyal and effective pet or robot companion

    SKILLED – Gain two extra skills

    TINKER – Build item to perform a specific function, given time and materials

    TOUGH – Gain +6 hit points

    TRAVELLER – You have basic knowledge of most active worlds

    VETERAN – +1 damage, and reduce armor encumbrance by one

    WARRIOR* – Whenever you take damage, reduce it by 1

    Talents are renamed abilities from WOD. I tried to come up a decent number of them to avoid overlap. The 3 asterisk talents are called out as mutually exclusive; you can only take one of them (although you don’t have to take it at level 1). This was the most concession to classes I made.

    Characters start with 1 talent, and gain 1 every 3 levels – a character will have 4 max, which should help reduce overlap between characters.

    PreTech and PsiTech were changed to talents because very few backgrounds offer them. If you have one of these, it’s probably pretty important to your concept.

  5. Psionics – the biggest change so far. First try was to plug the power list in where WOD has spirit summoning, but I was not happy with the long fiddly list of powers. I wanted to go with a very simple but evocative suggested effects, and leave most things to work out in play ala WOD. I’m happier with this approach so far, but I feel it’s still got a lot of stuff to iron out.

    I also wonder if it’s strayed too far from the core at this point. It’s written as a move, as that’s a familiar format, but WOD doesn’t have moves and SWN doesn’t have freeform powers.


    A character with the Psychic talent starts with 1 discipline and 3 Psi. They can learn additional disciplines from an academy or a mentor. At the GMs option, there may be very rare and powerful effects that a character can learn not listed below (such as a Biopsionicist regenerating from death, a Telekinetic controlling energy, or a Teleporter acting as a drill drive).

    When you activate a psionic discipline, declare your desired effect, spend 1 Psi, and roll +WIS. *On a hit, your power activates as normal. *On a 10+, you focus your power very effectively; you can greatly magnify the mass or range of your power, or increase the number of targets affected. 


    Heal (1d6+targets CON), Injure (1d6 ignores armor), Cure toxin/disease, Enhance body (+1 forward to physical action), Sculpt flesh 


    Detect Psychics, Block Powers; Enhance Psionics (+1 forward to powers), Psychic Cannibalization (lose half hp, gain 3 Psi)


    Sense Imminent Danger, Evade Attack (1/2 damage one attack), Predict Random Event, Predict Targets Action (+1 forward if acting on this)


    Remote Manipulation (200kg); Kinetic Shield (3 Armor vs physical, maintained); Levitation; Kinetic Ram (1d6+2 damage, affects vehicles)


    Read Surface Thoughts, Probe Memories; Mental Link; Communicate Without Language, Psychic Assault (stun foe)


    Blink (One attack -1d6 damage), Teleport (self & gear, 10km), Jaunt (send foe short distance, 1d6+1 if used for attack), Transit (carry 500kg up to 1/2km), 


    Character begin with 750 creds. Prices are as per SWN rulebook.


    Armor is divided into 3 categories. Heavy armor has an encumbrance value; characters take ongoing penalty equal to encumbrance while wearing these. Against weapons of a lower tech level, armor values are doubled. Against higher tech, they are halved (rounded down). Military and Heavy armor are bound to turn heads outside an active battlefield, and will be restricted or illegal on many worlds.

    CIVILIAN (1 Armor)

    TL1: Leather, TL4: Undersuit (+subtle) 

    MILITARY (2 Armor)

    TL1: Heavy Chain, TL3: Woven Body Armor, TL4: Combat Field Dress

    HEAVY (3 Armor, 1 Encumbrance)

    TL1: Full Plate, TL4: Assault Suit, Power Armor (+1 STR)


    TL0-4: Shield (+1 armor), TL5: Deflector Array (+subtle), Field Emitter


    Weapons are also divided into 3 categories, and split between melee and ranged. See notes under armor regarding tech levels. Weapons with +reload require that before reuse. Some weapons have an ammo tag; you can spend 1 ammo to gain +1 to attack. When all the ammo is spent you will need to take time to reload. Weapons with the blast tag affect an area; you inflict half damage on a miss, although that might lead to unwanted results  

    LIGHT – 1d6 damage; can be dual wielded – reroll any damage results of 1.

    MELEE – TL0-1: Knife, TL4: Monoblade (1 piercing), Kinesis Wraps

    RANGED – TL0: Sling (reload); TL2: Flintlock Pistol (reload); TL3: Revolver, Automatic (1 ammo); Submachine Gun (2 ammo); TL4: Laser Pistol (1 ammo); Mag Pistol (+1dmg, messy); Thermal Pistol (1 piercing, short)

    MEDIUM 1d6+1 damage; 1h, can use shield

    MELEE – TL0: Club, Spear; TL1: Sword; TL3: Stun Baton (+stun); TL4: Monosword (1 piercing)

    RANGED –  TL0: Bow; TL2: Musket (reload, short), Rifle (reload), Shotgun (blast, close); TL3: Combat Rifle (3 ammo), Combat Shotgun (1 ammo, blast, close); TL4; Mag Rifle (+1dmg, messy); Spike Thrower (+1dmg, blast, close), Laser Rifle (2 ammo); Plasma Projector (1 piercing); TL5: Shear Rifle (1 ammo, messy)

    HEAVY 1d6+2 damage, 2h, slow, hard to move quickly or quietly while equipped

    MELEE – TL1: Greatsword; TL4: Chainsword (1 piercing, +messy)  

    RANGED – TL1 Crossbow (reload); TL3: Rocket Launcher (blast, reload); Sniper Rifle (long), HMG (1 ammo); TL4: Heavy Laser (2 piercing); Railgun (+1dmg, long); TL5: Thunder gun; Distortion Cannon (ignores armor) 


    TL3: Grenade (2d6 dmg, blast); Mind Blade (1d6+WIS dmg, ignores armor, stun), Metafocal Grenade (2d6 dmg, blast, safe); Metastasis Projector (+1 to attack with Biopsi); Telekinetic Sling (+1 to attack with Telekinesis)


    Add up all the System Strain of installed cyberwear and divide by 3. Anytime the character is healed, reduce amount gained by this amount.

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