39 thoughts on “Final coverwork for Swords of a Starlight Empire #1”

  1. Not realy shortstories, i liked the terminology of the old pulps, novelette is a one page adventure, story a longer adventure, novel a campaign. Each issue will have 20-28 pages. #1 containts mostly the rules, #2 is filled with adventures, #3 advance rules for shipfights. So far the plan. I am looking for 3-4 playtesters, anyone volenteer?

  2. For an ongoing zine I like patreon as it allows for a continuous donation when you deliver stuff. Less risk for everyone and you have a more steady income. The fate zine by Magpie Games is produced this way.

  3. Depends on what sort of game it is. Is it a really light thing with different scenarios that come out every month? Or is it a somewhat heavier game where you basically read it once and then make up your own stories from week to week?

  4. As heavy as 20-28 pages of Digest format paper can have. Its supposed to be rules heavy in issue 1 and than regular Adventures and add ons. I am very inspired by Deep Carbon Observatory atm.

  5. Well, not realy final draft, the collum on the right side is empty to be filled with the names of writers stil to be casted for the zine. So stay tuned for more content anouncements.

  6. I am humbled by this positive feedback, but dont expect to much! I am kind of the Ed Wood of Gamedesigning…. Oh wait there is a difference, he actually finished his Films 😀

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