9 thoughts on “Steading World Hack!”

  1. This is neat — I may use it at our next session, since the PCs are about to storm the Imperial City.

    The only thing that occurs to me when reading the mapping part is that I would add an “add the city’s primary water source” step, since most settlements grow up around a river, spring, stream, etc.

  2. That’s a good point, I will add that to step one later

    Edit: updated Step one includes “add the city’s primary water source” and city purpose.

  3. This thing is really cool.  I’ve been religiously following the incredible stuff Jason Lutes is creating, and this adds some really interesting application.  I’m also stealing the GM Principle “Create interesting dilemmas, not interesting plots”.

    On a simple editing note, one of your principles states “Allow your NPCs to change and develop in expected directions.”  I suspect you mean “unexpected” directions, as it would be peculiar to remind someone to do something expected.

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