5 thoughts on “A #review  of I’m On A Boat by Joe Banner (adventure).”

  1. Thanks for the review Sophia – I think it was very fair. As it was my first (feels like a lifetime ago!) I’d love to hear whether later PDFs were an improvement or not?

  2. Yes, definitely. My biggest concern is that I’m On a Boat is a bit barebones and well within the pirate tropes so there is not much surprise there.

    I think your newer adventures have a more evocative feel. Mirkasa is an interesting setting which I like. It’s mysterious, sometimes more industrian than medieval which is a welcome change.

    Generally, your smaller adventures (the patreon ones) are mostly short so that’s ok. I can work with that and you’re generally pretty good with providing hooks for the adventure to start.

    It’s also a personal preference that I like more information as I’m not yet that good with improvisation. I know that many DW adventures rely on improv and/or worldbuilding input from the players. In my personal experience that can fell flat so it’s a pet peeve of mine. A lot of other Dungeon World GMs might not need that.

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