Hi everybody.

Hi everybody.

Hi everybody. 

It’s time to show you my project, which i’m working on with Saverio Porcari.

Densetsu no Sekai (World of Legends) is a Dungeon World Japan hack (and Fate hack too). It’s a very deep hack, that will put hands in the game engine, and will provides a lot of material to play fantasy adventure in an imaginary feudal Japan with some elements from manga. The inspirations are many: Princess Mononoke, Vagabond, 13 Assassins, Naruto, and the japanese folklore made of Yokai, Hanyo, legendary Katana, Ninja with magical eyes and so on. 

The hack will presents:

– 9 new classes (Samurai, Ninja, Ronin, Onmyoji, Yamabushi, Hokashi, Henge, Emishi, Gaijin)

– Dozens of monsters and spirits form Japanese folklore

– Many magic items

– Compendium Class as the Daimyo, the Jonin, the Hanyo, the Ryoshi, etc.

– New basic moves

– A change of some basic moves

– New fronts rules and new GM’s principles.

Unfortunately, the hack will only be in Italian, at least for now, but a future english version is very probable. 

If you have no problems with Italian language,  Click on #DWGiappone  to see the material posted until now. 

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  1. For two main reasons:

    1) I love Dungeon World and I always wanted to be able to play it with a Japanese theme. During Mondo Sotteraneo’s experience (Mondo Sotterraneo is the DW italian fanzine) i had in mind some Japanese classes. The idea has evolved a lot.

    2) DW and Fate are very popular games and is quite easy to create material for them, if you know how to do it and you have time to do it. 

  2. For now, the goal is to complete the hack in Italian. When it is complete we will start a kickstarter.

    The English translation could be a goal, or maybe we decide to do another kickstarter in English.

    However, if the project fails in Italy,  there will still be no translation.

  3. Tim Franzke

    There are so many things you could mean by that question. o.o

    The usual answer is just “Because hacking DW and/or Fate is super easy compared to hacking more ‘oldschool’ games that have tons of rules that will either need to be tuned, made to fit, or replaced.”

  4. Ok, I misunderstood. 

    There are some mechanical aspects of Fate that are perfect for my idea. Moreover, Fate is a game that I really like and I love to develop things for it. But the Fate version is not sure at 100%. The project was born for DW, and for now I want to focus only on the DW version.

  5. Tim Franzke because Luca prepared good stuff about this setting and we like both systems. So now it seems a good idea trying to adapt our work also on Fate. Anyway I assure you that Densetsu no sekai is entirely designed for Dungeon World. We started developing this companion for Dungeon World and later we’ll think something for a Fate porting. 🙂

  6. Cool project, wish I understood Italian!

    I think it’s awesome and hilarious that this post was in English about a project with a Japanese name that’s only available in Italian.

  7. Paride Papadia

    OD&D does not, in any way, represent the sum total of “old school games”.  It’s not even particularly emblematic of old school games. Traveller, for example is also “old school” and is pretty heavy.  Anything that came out in the 80s is “old school” and tons of that stuff was really heavy.  I’m tired of the “Old school means rules light” fallacy.  But that’s neither here nor there.  The point is that old school, more simulative designs tended to have more proprietary rules for specific things and would require more adjustment to achieve the change in tone.

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