Hey folks

Hey folks

Hey folks,

I just recently started a flesh-and-blood Dungeon World game based out of Modern Myths in Easthampton Mass. As of right now we have 3 players, but are looking for up to three more to flesh out the party.

The game itself is a darker spin on fantasy inspired by the likes of Neil Gaiman and Game of Thrones with a bit of sword and sorcery thrown in there for spice. The campaign is set in the currently-fragmenting Akkadian empire, based on the early to mid-middle ages kingdom of Ethiopia with plenty of opportunities for intrigue, adventure, and a more than a little bit of dark sorcery and bloody violence.

If anyone’s interested in signing up, let me know! Our next game will be this upcoming Friday at Modern Myths at 6pm. New players are welcome, and feel free to bring your friends!

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