9 thoughts on “You got AW in my DW!”

  1. This sounds interesting but I can’t really understand what “Tell them Hx-1” is supposed to mean?

    I’ve never played AW , could you write an fictional example?


  2. You have a stat with every other character. So on your sheet it will look like.

    Jim +1

    Bob +2

    Gertrude +0

    May-belle -1

    When you want to aid or interfere (just like the DW move) you roll the number next to their name. 

  3. I really like these. Whilst the DW bonds generally sound epic, I’ve always liked how Hx backstories intertwine, and make for interesting relationships from the beginning.

  4. That’s pretty sweet.

    It’s interesting how the choices you give are basically the same as the bonds, but the AW methodology actually feels like its more concretely giving me permission to influence your character.  There’s a design lesson there…

    Minor gripe: in AW, none of the “on your turn” Hx moves ever give out more than +2. As a result, the “whatever they say, give it +1” options never take things higher than +3 (and thus avoid the “wait, so do I mark XP before we start play?” conversation). 

  5. This would change the focus somewhat. DW (as written) is mostly about a team dealing with external threats. In AW, the characters are as likely to be enemies as allies. Hx works to facillitate the range of relationships you would see in a TV show like The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood or Sons of Anarchy.

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