3 thoughts on “So which way do you swing?”

  1. A game that I am designing removes leveling all together. This might not be the input you want added to this conversation, but in the event that it helps expand the topic a bit, I’ll provide it.

    The system allows players to gain a skill (as well as XP investment, or purchase) by actually first requiring the need for it. So if a player wants to learn a skill that will let them pick locks, they must first need to attempt it in the game (thus following fiction and demonstrating an actual reason why they might be able to learn it) and have the prerequisite points necessary to invest. You’ll have to be presented with an opportunity to do what you want to do to be able to permanently learn the new Action. This way you just progress whenever you are able to, rather than at a particular resting point.

    You progress by learning new skills, or Actions, and investing in the story. There is no leveling system in its current stage – and I actually hope it works and I can keep it that way.

  2. Technically, if you are using “Instant Level Ups” in Dungeon World, you’re deliberately changing the game, since the “Level Up” move says: “When you have downtime (hours or days)”

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