I’m considering running a regular Monday session online, in order to playtest some Perilous Journeys stuff.

I’m considering running a regular Monday session online, in order to playtest some Perilous Journeys stuff.

I’m considering running a regular Monday session online, in order to playtest some Perilous Journeys stuff. Would a Google Hangout be the way to go? I’ve never run a game live online, and I have close to zero XP with Hangouts. We would need some sort of communal map that everyone could draw on, but I would let players roll real dice.

It would be a weekly sandbox wilderness game, probably (unfortunately) from noon to 2:30pm EST. If you’re interested in trying something like that and it would work with your schedule, let me know and I’ll put you on the invite list.

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  1. And/or use Roll20. I’m in a game the uses skype for voice and roll20 for sheets, maps and rolls and another that uses hangouts for the voice part of it and roll20 for everything else.

  2. I’ve got some experience with this and would (all things being equal) be up for playing most weeks. Unfortunately next Monday is no good, but we could do a quick test one afternoon before then – tomorrow or Friday maybe?

  3. I would be interested in this. I’ve got very little experience with online gaming and would love to give it a shot. It’s a little early for me, but I might be able to make it work.

  4. Joe Banner, I’m booked through the weekend, so I won’t be able to test anything before then. I will keep in mind your potential availability for future Mondays!

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I will scope out and confirm some sort of a plan tomorrow.

  5. I would be interested. Might suggest playing in a hangouts session or at least booting it up and fiddling with it by yourself or with a friend, possibly more versed in Roll20. Overall it’s fairly easy both hanoguts and roll20.

  6. Interest noted, Eric Lochstampfor. Fiddling around with Roll20 in Hangouts now, trying to figure out what would be best for me to have in place before kicking off.

  7. I’ve been running a D&D campaign with Roll20 for a couple months now (and one night of DW!). There’s two ways to use it: “Roll 20 for everything” or “A google hangout for video/voice, with Roll20 embedded in it as an app”. We recently made the switch to “hangout+Roll20 as embeded app”. It sounds weird but the video/voice handling in hangouts is more efficient than what Roll20’s internal stuff is (far fewer dropouts and such since we made the switch and my laptop doesn’t seem to run as hot).

  8. Josephe Vandel , Joe Banner, Yoshi Creelman, Eric Lochstampfor, could you guys do Tuesday or Wednesday next week, noon-3pm EST instead? My Monday childcare just feel through.

  9. Using hangouts like that also gives you the option to use the “Hangouts On-Air” stuff to have a livestream of a game that people can watch and to record sessions and have them archived on youtube (if you’re into that kind of thing).

  10. Sorry, but I won’t be able to make it. That’s 3-6pm, right in the end of my work day, and I’ll still be onsite at a client on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll have to catch the next session.

  11. Too bad, Yoshi! Hopefully we can switch to Monday after this coming week. The idea is to make it easy for players to come and go, a la a “West Marches” style game, so popping in and out from week to week should not be a problem. 

  12. Josephe Vandel, Joe Banner, Eric Lochstampfor — All I need each of you to do ahead of time is write up a DW character, using the core classes (incl. Barbarian). We can work out background and bonds during the first session. Maybe lay claim to which class you want to play in this thread. I would also like you to do so using one of the house rules for this campaign starter: after choosing a character class, roll 3d6 six times and assign the results to your ability scores as you see fit. If none of your rolls are 13 or higher, reroll them all. Oh yeah, and the usual ways of gaining XP apply, but in addition you’ll get 1 XP per 100 coins you “bank” in town after a sortie into the wild, so your character will need some motivation to be a treasure-hunter (greed, long-term retirement plans, money for the church, etc.). 

  13. If Tuesday or Wednesday in the same time slot (noon-2:30pm EST) would work better for more people, I could probably swing either.

    In any case, I will cap each session at 4 players, and if your character dies you have to give up your spot to someone else (if we get that far).   

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