Made up a class based on the Mad Max universe.

Made up a class based on the Mad Max universe.

Made up a class based on the Mad Max universe. It’s mostly focused on the idea of always being on top of your magical “steed” to be useful in combat. Would love some feedback if possible as it is actually my first homebrew class so their are bound to be some problems. 

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think you have a great idea at its core. This definitely has a very unique feel to it.

    Your moves are a bit wordy and vague though. Your racial choices have no mechanical numbers attached to it, and this could lead to problems at the table since the GM may interpret it differently than the player.

    Your base moves have a good start but once again, too wordy and vague. Macabre Steed talks about different types of fuel it can run on, but not what it actually does. These need mechanics attached to it. Vague moves make GMing very hard.

    Finally I would change how you measure fuel/Aether. Instead of quarters of liters and 100 ml of fuel, just change it to:

    You spend 10 Aether once a day regardless of if you use your steed or not

    When you drain a magic creature for Aether, roll +dex. On a 10+ gain 5 Aether, on a 7-9 gain 2 Aether.

    You’re going to want to check your numbers a bit. Right now as written the road warrior would probably run out of Aether on the daily fill up since creatures give so little, but you can tweak the numbers after play testing it a bit.

    Once again, great concept. Keep at it. I think you have a gem here, but it needs some cutting and polish.

  2. This is a neat idea! Still needs some work, though.

    For starters, I don’t understand the when you try to remove Aether from a magical being move. Magical beings must be really common in your game world if you can try to drain them 4-10 times a day every day – that would be prohibitive in my game. Also, how do you drain them? Can you drain the body after you kill it? Do you need tools? It’s cool in DW to leave some of these details for player and DM to decide in their game, but I think adding at least one concrete detail here would help the class come alive.

    Also, I wouldn’t recommend specifying the failure result as simply “no Aether is gained”. In DW something is supposed to happen on every roll, and usually it’s left up to the DM on failure (DM makes a move).

    You also say if your steed takes damage it loses Aether, but you don’t really say how much. I would guess it’s intended to be 100 mL per point of damage, but I’m not sure.

    Most importantly: what happens if the steed runs out of Aether? Does it just lose its special abilities, or can it not move at all (like a car)?

    I have a bit of trouble also with I’m just here for the Aether. The idea makes sense from a metagame perspective, but the general principle in DW is “to do it, you have to do it,” and it’s not clear to me how an abstract +1 forward converts into tangible in-game fuel for the steed.

  3. colin roald

    Thanks for the feedback Colin! I think I have definitely left some things very vague on the sheet due to myself already knowing how the abilities are supposed to work, and will correct that for sure during my next version.

    Magical beings are usually very common in our sessions so it made sense to have it as an ability for us at least, but we also use a bit of meta thinking in that, “if anyone can learn wizard spells through multiclass dabbler then everyone must have some magic inherently within them”, although this is just our interpretation.

    I’m having trouble with what to do with the steed when it runs out of Aether, it just not moving or running at all would be easiest but then what if the player were to choose the magically infused horse? From a meta point of view it is difficult to explain why a horse would just never move, but i’ll see if I can work around it.

    “I’m Just Here For The Aether” is essentially a meta only ability, which I see could be quite damaging to the immersion of a game, but I really like it as an idea to team with “One Man Leaves” as it allows the player to not only regain Aether but fight using their own merits for a bonus XP. I don’t know how to fix it to make sense in universe though…

    I’ll get to work on a new write-up soon, and I hope to hear back from you then as well.

  4. Delos Adamski

    Wow, certainly a lot more feedback then I expected, thanks a lot!

    I’ll change up the race abilities a bit, as for some reason I was under the impression they were supposed to be vague and interpretive, just got the wrong idea in my head I think. Same with all the other places i’ve been vague, i’ll try to attach some solid numbers behind them.

    The points system for Aether does sound better, as it is far easier to measure. It seems I got hooked on the idea of actual measures and ran with it without thinking.

    When I play tested it during a session with some friends I seemed to make it through fine, but at that point I did not have any of the extraneous abilities that also spend Aether. This is a problem I had noted already, and am considering simply making it lose half it’s tank a day instead to ease the pressure a bit, or raise the amounts gained. Perhaps both, i’m not entirely sure.

    I’ll get to work on the fixes, and hope to hear back from you again when they are done!

  5. You might get more of a fantasy flavor by going with an obsolete volume unit like a dram, an ounce, or a gill. And scale it so you never have to track fractions of units.

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