5 thoughts on “I made a compendium class designed to emulate characters touched by evil snake deities.  Feedback appreciated!”

  1. 1. It’s Parselmouth with an ‘s’, not a ‘c’.

    2. You say “when you Parley with someone, take +1 forward with them.”

    Does this mean that you get +1 forward to Parley? And how is this relevant to the compendium class? Is it only parlance in Parselmouth? The text is unclear.

    3. There’s a MUD called Achaea with a class called Serpent. The Serpent is able to literally produce venoms from their body for various effects, then use those poisons, then they produce another.

    The Master Of Poisons move reminds me of that, and it’s really great. I would consider adding a fluff description of how when you make camp, you’re able to actually produce the poison, not just brew it. Maybe come up with a few poisons other than the base Dungeon World ones for different effects.

    4. Poisoned Soul says poisons have no effect on you. However, Master of Poisons also says that poisons don’t have the dangerous tag for you. How are these different?

    5. A little more description of what a Shadow Snake IS would be nice. Is it a sort of smoky snake? Or is it large? Is it humanoid?

    6. I don’t quite understand why you’d gain +1 ongoing to Defy Danger with charm and social grace. I mean, I get where you came up with the idea, but at the same time, think of Voldemort trying to convince you not to kill him. It’d just make you uncomfortable.

  2. Sorry, hit Post ’cause I was distracted. 7. All in all, it’s a great compendium class, in my opinion. I just think it could be fluffed out just a TIIINY bit more.

  3. I blame autocorrect for the “Parcelmouth” thing.  Thanks for the catch, though.

    A couple of design notes: Snake cultists are designed with the idea that they’re skilled poisoners and smooth talkers.  Hence why they get bonuses on Parley and +CHA Defy Danger.

    Poisoned Soul and Master of Poisons are a tad redundant — Poisoned Soul’s immunity supersedes Master of Poison’s resistance — but I included them on the off-chance that someone would purchase one and not the other.  The fact that they’re redundant rankles me, though, but I haven’t considered a more elegant solution (unless it’s just to grant poison immunity with Master of Poisons, but that seems like a lot for one move).

  4. Not necessarily, although I wanted the person to be able to handle poisons without accidentally poisoning themselves.  It’s more versatile than the thief’s poison-making move, but doesn’t produce as many poisons as often.

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