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  1. A Word doc works. So does the Google doc.

    As far as content goes, I’m not a fan of the Myconid Alien Symbols, the Unexpected Pit, or the Falling Rocks moves. They’re all very similar, and I don’t really care for the 1 good / 1 bad structure.

    I think that Myconid Parasitic Infection also needs to be brought into line so that it’s more like a usual move. There’s no 10+, or 7-9 result listed.

  2. Chris: I revised with your comments in mind:

    Myconid Alien Symbols

    When you find runes deeply etched on a mine wall, roll+Wis. 

    On a 10+, 

    • Learn something useful (Example: Robigas’ shrine has been defiled!)

    On a 7-9:

    • Learn something cryptic (Example: Robigas is the Roman demigod of Mildew)

    Less than 6:

    You learn nothing useful and are attacked by Myconids!

    Myconid Parasitic Infection

    When your character has been injured by a Myconid after the battle they must roll versus CON of becoming infected.

    On a 10+, 

    The character has developed immunity to Myconid Parasitic Infection and is exempt from any such future rolls.

    On a 7-9:

    The character has developed immunity to Myconid Parasitic Infection and is exempt from any such future rolls but must take 1d6 in additional damage or lose a valuable item to fungal contamination.

    Less than 6:

    You are infected. Take 1d6 additional damage and lose a valuable item to fungal contamination.

    Fungus will sprout all over the characters body and in 1d3 weeks he or she will transform into a small Myconid. A heal spell or amber mushroom will be needed to cure the character.

    Cleansing the shrine of the dragon will banish the myconids and cure the character.

  3. Out of curiosity Mark Tygart, couldn’t you just use Spout Lore  for the Myconid Alien Symbols move? It’s pretty much the same thing.

    For Myconid Parasitic Infection I think I would change the trigger to this:

    “After a battle during with you took damage from a Myconid, roll with Con. On a 10+, you’re

    immune to the parasite. On a 7-9, take 1d3 damage as your body fights off the infection. You take a cumulative 1 to future CON rolls to fight off the Myconid parasites. On a 6, you’re infected.

  4. Chris how about:

    Earth Tremor

    A small earth tremor has triggered a tunnel collapse; roll + Dexterity.

    On a 10+, 

    You find a useful item in the rubble

    On a 7-9:

    You take 1d4 damage

    Less than 6:

     You take 1d4 damage and the noise attracts Myconids

  5. Hi Mark Tygart. I’ve been thinking about your statement that this is intended to help new GMs. Hence the inclusion of 6- clauses on many of the moves.

    I’m wondering if a better approach would be to make moves without the 6- clause, and then have a callout under each move explaining how the usual GM moves could be used in those situations.

  6. Yes, that might work very well.

    What do you think of this: Make the medusa (former cursed Robigus priestess) the first central villain, but give her a cursed hoard of gold.

    Have the Dragon show up just after the medusa is killed to get the gold.

    The greedy dwarves refuse payment until the dragon is slain and Robigus reactivates his fungal curse. In other words combine both approaches…

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