11 thoughts on “So sleepy! Struggling to stay up and finish these #DungeonWorld playbooks. Last steps: fillable blank sheet.”

  1. Adding my two cents with a quick question: will the blank sheet also be suitable for Class Warfare character building? Guess so, but just wonderin’.

    Great work dude… can’t wait to give you my money! 😉

  2. I guess so too Matteo Casali, thing is I don’t own (yet) the Class Warfare. I’ve read some reviews and I want to get it, but we haven’t explored yet the full set of classes from the basic DW book. Truth is, I’m playing it with my group far less than I would like. =/

  3. That would be a very fair price for such good looking sheets, IMO.

    What would be your stance if people wanted to use your sheets as a base for new playbooks they wanted to publish, out of curiosity? Something to think about when picking your license.

  4. That is pretty much what I meant. I know some designers do their own layouts and tweaked art, but I’ve seen plenty of playbooks that look like they’re straight out of the corebook and are probably using a template. Considering how much work you’re putting into these and how keen folks are to see the results, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a few people wanted to use your blank sheet as a template for that kind of thing. So, may want to think about whether you just want people to be able to do that, or if you want them to ask for permission, or if you don’t want it to happen at all (all fair answers). Different CC licenses do different things and all that jazz.

    Regardless, I’m just a player who’s looking forward to seeing the new sheets and will be picking up a set (even though I pretty much only play online these days and they’ll probably never see any use; they’re that good-looking :D).

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