Hi fellow roleplayers!

Hi fellow roleplayers!

Hi fellow roleplayers!

I am in need of your help: tonight I’m going to host a one-shot game of Dungeon World for 6 people, with 4 of them never having played anything (but being curious about the whole role-playing thing).

Any practical advices? It’s my first time introducing people to this hobby, I’m a little nervous 😉

Thanks 🙂

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  1. Thanks Christine, I’m kinda used to large groups and how to moderate them (I do that as a living, too…), so I think I’ll manage 😉

    I’ll read thay chapter, Tim, thanks.

    Any first hand experiences of possible issues with new players and DW?

  2. I’d disagree with Tim there but that topic has been discussed at enough other places :).

    Just joking. Everybody does as he likes, but I let my player tell me first what their characters are doing so that they can learn basic moves through playing.

  3. I think “I Hack&Slash!” is also a problem that is more typical for experienced roleplayers coming from a different system then for people coming completely fresh. 

  4. I’ve run Dungeon World for up to 9 players at once, so 6 should be no problem. If they’re truly new to roleplaying this won’t be an issue, but if any of them have played something else, expect some confusion. Some players just like to roll dice for everything, either ignore it if you didn’t ask for the roll, or take advantage of it when they roll 6- or 7-9 (players used to d20 might make uncalled-for int checks to determine if they are smart enough to do something for instance [which isn’t really a thing in d20, but is common among some players for some reason], or “perception” checks, etc). If they’ve played other classed games they might get hung up on how their abilities work in that other game and ignore what you tell them, if you notice that during character gen, suggest a different class to them.

    When I start a one-shot all I explain is 2d6+ stat mod, 6-, 7-9, 10+, (and anything specific to a class like spells) then I throw the PCs into a situation, I start in media res, the orcs are rushing you what do you do? then I interpret their responses into moves (or not) and call for a roll (or not), after a couple “rounds” of that most everyone at the table gets it and we continue.

  5. I say encourage all the players to stay in the fiction as much as possible.  You’ll tell them when a rule (move) is triggered.  New players tend to be good at this anyway.

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