8 thoughts on “THIS needs to become a DW Hack!!!!!!!”

  1. Lady Sabre is a great comic. I’d recommend writing new combat moves immediately, because hack and slash doesn’t convey the kind of struggle for momentum that happens frequently in this comic.

    Otherwise, though, Inverse World can probably handle it with some setting specific additions.

  2. Its not bad, by any means. I like the island generation bits, and I’m using its ideas for Drives in my ongoing campaign. I like its vehicle ideas, although none of its classes really jump out at me? They’re not bad, just not my cup of tea. I’d say, its a good toolkit to pick up and mine through for inspiration. You may not use its setting, but it has a lot of other ideas you may want to fit into any other campaign.

  3. Alfred Rudzki That’s fun because the classes are what I found most inspiring of Inverse World.

    Completely different from normal Dungeon World classes.

    As you said, different tastes I guess 🙂

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