I could use a bit of brainstorming help.

I could use a bit of brainstorming help.

I could use a bit of brainstorming help. One of my players is using the Psion playbook (by Sears Poncho, I think?) in a Norse-style setting. She has recently discovered that she may be the Goddess of Wisdom, who in this setting holds mastery over realms such as the mind, magic, fate, time, and reality.

I’m trying to create a compendium class to represent this new level of power, without going overboard. Unfortunately, the psion class already does a lot of these things (mind control, telekinesis, reality altering, prophecy). In fact, her choice of the psion playbook has directly sculpted the nature of this goddess.

If anyone has an interesting concept for where to start on a Goddess of Wisdom compendium class that would add to the psion without repeating its existing strengths, I’d love to hear it.

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  1. Just off the cuff, since she is an awakening goddess, make the most of our 7 – 9 rolls with wild manifestations of her power. Play on the uncertainty of her new role and the mysterious nature of her powers. As far as new moves go, why not shift to cleric and have her reconnect with old worshipers or convince people to become new ones. 

  2. Ah! I forgot to mention, there’s a cleric in the party as well as another player who’s been revealed as an avatar of the sky god (it’s becoming a very divine campaign). To avoid stepping on other players’ toes, cleric is suboptimal as an inspiration.

  3. Let’s try this.

    Write me why a Godess of Wisdom is a cool character to play and three cool things she can do now that she isn’t a simple mortal.

    Use a simple phrase for each. If you want you can contextualize: don’t think in terms of powers and abilities but in terms of cool cinematic scenes.

  4. Have you checked out the Avatar specialty from Class Warfare? It might be exactly what you’re looking for, as it lets you add divine power onto other moves and so should augment the Psion nicely. The CC requirements even suit your current situation.

    Edit: ‘Exactly’ might be pushing it a little. The advanced moves have a couple of Cleric overlaps. It’s got a lot of its own tricks, though, and I def recommend the look.

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