Hey folks!

Hey folks!

Hey folks! The final version of Planarch Codex: Wintry Plane, the second booklet in my planar/postmodern fantasy series for Dungeon World, is now available through both DriveThru (PDF) and Lulu (print).

Wintry Plane is kind of a bizarre product that’s difficult to describe: it contains a series of short adventure seeds for Dungeon World that connect with many of the same themes as the first Planarch Codex module (Dark Heart of the Dreamer), but these seeds are interwoven within a frame story inspired by Italo Calvino’s classic postmodern novel If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler.

The Planarch Codex series is an excuse for me to deconstruct and then rebuild our expectations for what a fantasy RPG product can be, inspired by strange influences such as postmodern literature, and this is definitely an attempt at doing that.

One brief review of Wintry Plane said it’s “a very lyrical love-letter, with dungeoneering as its method and natality as its theme… When [the author] says in self-depreciation that it’s a ‘weird’ adventure, what he means is that it’s adorable, lovely, and sincere.”

Anyway, hope you like it, but it’s totally cool if it’s not your thing. I’ve got more weird DW stuff planned for this coming year, though the stuff I’m working on now isn’t as out-there as this is.

Lulu (PRINT): http://www.lulu.com/shop/j-walton/planarch-codex-wintry-plane/paperback/product-22002549.html

DriveThru (PDF): http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/142982/Planarch-Codex-Wintry-Plane