7 thoughts on “Are your fights too long?”

  1. Reading this post by John Harper  and the one from Sage LaTorra  afterwards makes me wonder if I don’t deal enough damage.


    “Don’t just deal damage” is a trueism and simply dealing damage without any narrative effect is simply wrong a lot of the times. Just doing stuff and not dealing damage might also be a problem. 

    More damage = shorter fights in one way or another but I am not sure if this applies 100% to Dungeon World. 


  2. I’d love to have you expand on how zooming out on players’ attacks/moves in combat meshes with the DW mechanics.  If you have a single hack&slash encompass more of the action, how do you amplify the mechanical results of the move to match its scope?  Would it be something like, “you rolled 2 damage – you plow through your foes inflicting minor wounds, but they’re still standing” and then they all take 2 damage?

  3. If the action that triggers the move could reasonably hurt multiple targets roll once and apply damage to each target (they each get their armor).

    Therefore yeah, something like that. 

    “You jump between them and take little hits here and there. Their defense together is quite well so your strikes don’t hit as well as you want them to.” then you make your next GM move in response. 

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