Fiendish Puzzle Box

Fiendish Puzzle Box

Fiendish Puzzle Box

Not clearly magical but just the product of fine and intricate craftsmanship, this box has no obvious lid or clasp.  However, on pushing a particular corner, geometric patterns extrude from its surfaces.  Manipulating the patterns should lead you to opening it eventually, but whenever you feel like you’ve almost opened it you find yourself inexplicably back where you started.  You’re sure that with time, though, you will be able to work it out.

When you make camp and spend your watch trying to open the box, roll+INT.  On a 10+, you manage to open the box.  On a 7-9, take +1 forward to your next attempt to open the box.  Either way, take -1 ongoing to Take Watch rolls tonight, if any.

What’s inside?

3 thoughts on “Fiendish Puzzle Box”

  1. A note, scrawled on ancient parchment in rust colored ink. It reads as follows…

    “Congratulations, brilliant one! By opening this box, you have illustrated tremendous intellectual prowess and singular fortitude, the likes of which are rarely seen amid mortal races.

    Though those of such rare and discerning wisdom are more than capable of finding their own path, this message serves as an invitation to the Temple of A’nor, where you will find company of a similar bent who can put your talents to great and rewarding use. So please, do consider coming to join us for a spot of tea and a thrilling job opportunity. In the interim, enjoy the security the box will provide your valuables.


    The Fellowship of A’nor”

    If they Spout Lore about A’nor, a 7-9 reveals that she is a goddess of wisdom, and her worshippers are historically a scholarly, egalitarian society.

    On a 10+, that, and they also know that these days they’re only egalitarian towards their fellow mind flayers.

  2. Going to state the obvious with: You hear a voice behind you as the puzzle clicks into place. “You solved the box, we came. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures. We have such sights to show you!”

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