14 thoughts on “Anyone have cool ideas for thief poisons? The main rulebook only lists three or so, yes?”

  1. Jilting Rose: Slowly replaces love, affection, and trust for family and friends into disdain and hatred. Dosing over long periods of time creates an overwhelming sense paranoia, eventually leading to hysterics and self imposed isolation. Unknown if lethal: victims eventually die from dehydration as they stop trusting sources of water all together.

  2. The target forgets the effects of the last several hours.

    The target temporarily loses the effect to speak coherently.

    The target suffers hallucinations for a while.

  3. (Partially stealing from SRD – some cool poison names in there)

    ID MOSS – Target slowly loses self control, exhibiting greater tendencies to overconfidence and megalomania. A saint might lose their patience, a normal person becomes a jerk, a tyrant becomes a monster. Repeated applications can affect mental functions and even turn them into a mindless beast

    MALYSS ROOT PASTE – causes severe cramping in limbs it comes into contact with. Often used as a trap for thieves, or an extremely cruel prank

    GINBLOSSOM – Will only cause a mild headache on it’s own, but has the very useful side effect of greatly lowering the subjects alcohol tolerance.

    UNGOL DUST – Known colloquially as “pixie dust”. When inhaled, the target exhibits an almost comical level of trust and gullibility. While it doesn’t necessarily change a target’s feelings towards you, if you insist that they are your friend they will most likely believe you. Doesn’t last long, leaves behind a bad case of dry mouth and a burning resentment.

    BURNT OTHUR FUMES – When inhaled, the target slowly gags and chokes to death on their own phlegm and bile. Even those who escape in time are often left with ravaged lungs. A very sadistic poison.

    SHADOW ESSENCE – Dangerous to acquire. Said to bypass the body and attack the life energy of a person directly, separating the soul from the body and leaving a void that other things can fill. Rumored to be used in the transformation to lichdom.

  4. RAVENER’S REEK – More urban legend than confirmed lore, the creation of this oil is one of the many unguents often attributed to Rodrigo, the fabled “Poison Pen”, the mad poet/playwright who terrorized the city for years. The scent of this oil, undetectable to men, was said to drive vermin to frenzies of ravening hunger. Rumor has it that a particularly harsh critic of Rodrigo’s was devoured in front of a dozen witnesses, and a mocking memorial letter found secreted in his pocket.

  5. [Some name]: target is afflicted with inattention. Things don’t seem to hold its attention for very long and target becomes prone to daydreaming. Target’s critical thinking skills are impaired. [When you roll to Defy Danger against the target using Int or Cha, roll twice and take the higher result] Increasing dosage has no effect except sometimes turning the target into a lackwit.

  6. Victim gets really warm, like a fever. Depending in dosage could cause hair to light on fire.

    Victim can hear thoughts. Depending on dosage, volume increases until ears bleed.

    Victims taste buds die.

  7. Avarice Tears – Topical – Anyone who makes skin contact with Avarice Tears finds themselves compelled to do whatever is necessary to see and hold the thing they value above all else.

    Developed by a court magician to test loyalties and motivations for his sire, the tears have been co-opted by thieves seeking the location of particularly valuable and well hidden treasures.

  8. Godsbane: Target slowly loses their connection to the divine. Priests and Paladins find their deities’ voices grow distant, then silent. Angels and other divine servants wither into mortality. Rumors abound about the effect the poison might have on a god.

  9. WIDOW’S BITE – An unusual concoction, in that it is not dangerous to the target, but instead makes them poisonous to others. The target’s skin, hair, ect all become toxic. Casual contact is not enough to produce harmful effects, but sustained exposure, such as a lover’s embrace, can be deadly 

  10. Allknow – ingested

    Used by the sacrificial prophets of the MonYon people, Allknow is complicated to refine, requiring very specific measurements, years of refining, and regular exposure to virgin blood. 

    Users know, momentarily, all of creation that is, was, or will be.  By intensely concentrating on a given question they can derive the answer in a flash.  The wandering mind, however, sees… everything.  Many of the prophets have flown into endless, violent rages that only stop when they die (at the hands of others or themselves) or slip into a melancholy ennui depriving them of any interest in the world.  Some have muttered about “The Piper”, “The Jaundiced King”, or declared that all men are borne damned before wasting away.

    When you knowingly imbibe Allknow while asking the cosmos a question, Roll + WIS.  On a hit you get your answer.  On a 7-9 you still get your answer but become CONFUSED and STUNNED (if already CONFUSED or STUNNED use the miss results instead)

    On a miss, or when unknowingly ingesting Allknow, a person’s mind shatters or the attention of Unknowable Ones is drawn to the consumer (GM’s choice)

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