Beluga, Last Gift of the Star Whales

Beluga, Last Gift of the Star Whales

Beluga, Last Gift of the Star Whales

Near, Forceful, 3 Ammo

As you grasp this wondrous weapon of brass and bone, you can hear the haunting, boreal song of the star whales in the back of your mind. The song grows louder as you take aim…

When you roll for a move which utilizes the Beluga, you may select up to three of the following options. On a 10+, all that you say is true. On a 7-9, the GM will select one to be false, the rest are true.

Tell us, o muse…

…What emotion is inspired in one witness of your choosing.

…What memory of theirs the star whales allow you to share.

…How the ocean of stars is reflected in the world around you.

…What change the star whales enact upon you in their desire to return to this world.

6 thoughts on “Beluga, Last Gift of the Star Whales”

  1. It’s more a slug thrower than a scatter gun; note the rocket propelled shells. But, whales are fairly slow and lumbering, so point (and advice) taken!

  2. Also, as discussed in a few other threads, perhaps a loud tag would be good, to indicate that such a weapon will definitely draw attention to itself. 

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