More stuff for #Stonetop : the regional map, expedition moves, and the ranger.

More stuff for #Stonetop : the regional map, expedition moves, and the ranger.

More stuff for #Stonetop : the regional map, expedition moves, and the ranger.

Some of the expedition moves are new, some are changes to existing DW moves. I added them partly because of personal preferences (Perilous Journey always bugged me) and partly to reflect the nature of this world. Most travel happens on the old Makers’ roads. Travel to other places is perilous at best, and wandering around looking for something without a guide is a good way to get into trouble.

The ranger is a total rewrite (like all the Stonetop playbooks will be, to tie them more directly to the town). Some of their moves interact with the expedition moves, and this version of Animal Companion uses the Follower rules I posted earlier.

As always, feedback appreciated!

10 thoughts on “More stuff for #Stonetop : the regional map, expedition moves, and the ranger.”

  1. This project is still awesome; I enjoy seeing the new posts as they arrive, and contemplate running / playing in a setting such as this.  Now for the feedback:

    Based on the ‘Stonetop teaser’ map, and by virtue of it being the only unmarked spot on the map, I’m pretty sure I know where Stonetop is located.  That being said, it did take me a moment to actually find the village on the map.

    The wording of some of the move results (e.g. Forage) is a little different from what I would consider a ‘normal’ DW move.  I’m guessing that you left out the ‘On a 10+’ part of the results to save space or reduce redundancy, which is fine.  All of the needed information is present.  Still, I ended up reading the line a couple times wondering ‘where did the 10+ result go?’ until I finished processing what I was reading 😛

  2. I love this, as with all the stonetop lore. I’m especially fond of how to put the ranger together: a starting move with modification from your background. Then pick two more. Simple process for character gen but more customization and personality!

    As for the no 10+ thing on forage, I think I’ve seen the same on moves from class warfare. It may seem strange at first, but makes sense. You designated what happens on a hit, then an added complication if 7-9. So it’s clearly implied that 10+ is a hit w/o complication.

  3. Yeah, I agree, the moves are pretty intuitive, with all of the information either present or clearly implied.  They were just different than what the core book had made me used to.

  4. Thanks, guys.  I’m not too worried about the lack of a specific 10+ result, but you’re right that it’s unusual phrasing. I don’t think it’d be so noticeable without the 12+ clause.  Forage is definitely on my watch list anyhow, so it might get changed. 

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