10 thoughts on “Has anyone tried to adapt DW to supers?”

  1. yep, Worlds in Peril is awesome, they funded via kickstarter, the authors are finalizing layout and art (which is being done in honest to god comics style) and it should be out soon, there’s a playtest document out on the Worlds in Peril G+ community

    In my opinion it is the best of the supers hacks.



    Link to playtest draft:


    If you can’t tell, I’m pretty hype for this game 🙂

  2. Social Justice Commander Shepard Likewise! Though I heard about it only a few weeks back, so I’m in the “wait for the print run / pre-order with bated breath” crowd.

    Anyway, yeah, also recommending it. Powers themselves aren’t even separate moves, and it somehow works pretty well. Also if you die, one of the possible results is that your origin story gets retconned and you get brought back to life, it’s kind of brimming with tiny wonderful things.

  3. yeah, it is extremely open to all kinds of heroes because your powers aren’t proscripted to your playbook, instead it goes by origin.

    instead you have a few stats, and a short list of things that are:






    and so, an easy power for superman would be “lift huge and heavy objects” and in the fiction, he wouldn’t even need to roll just to do that.

    The Flash might have an easy power of “moves faster than the speed of sound”

    and so on

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