So, I need some ideas for a magic item.

So, I need some ideas for a magic item.

So, I need some ideas for a magic item. I have never created magic items before so this is all new for me. The game I am running, there is some ruins in the dark forest. Within these ruins is an artifact/magic item that is called The Heart of the Forest. The group told me it was up to me to determine if it was a weapon, potion etc. The ruins are in a forest that has gone dark due to a blight. The blight is believed to have been started by a druid. So, if anyone could help with ideas that would be appreciated.

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  1. long idea bear with me.  dont tell your pc’s what is is or what it does… let them experiment and find out what happens.

    1) the heart of the Forrest: in the temple is the druid, his flesh is slowly petrifying and he is rooted into the earth as all the roots in the Forrest snake their way into the central chamber of the temple. he is in constant pain and is the sources of the blight.  he wants the Forrest to spread and for the blight (which represents his hatered) to consume civilization.  the only fleshy bit of him left is his heart which is visible through the druid’s branch like rib-cage.  

     If cut from his body the Forrest is saved from the blight and stops growing but the druid soul suffers until the heart is returned and will haunt the adventurers.    

    Planting the beating heart will rapidly grow an entire Forrest which will share the alignment of the one who planted it.

    Should someone cut out their own heart and place the heart of the Forrest into their chest they will be saved from certain death and will gain limited control of plant-life.  The new owner of the heart will slowly  petrify and become immovable as roots slip into them and flesh turns to unmoveing bark. As this progresses the player will hear the duids hateful thoughts and slowly gain stronger nature powers.  A strong ritual conducted in a place of power will stop the personification.

     If the heart is blessed it will stop beating and lose it’s magic and the duid’s soul will be at peace though the heart will lose all magical powers.  

    if the heart is destroyed the forrest and the druid dies and withers away leaveing a wasteland where no thing can live.

    if the heart is used as a potion ingrediant, treat the heart as a place of power and treat the potion as the ritual move in the wizard playbook.

    if the heart is swallowed whole by someone/something.  then the individual who swallowed the heart will instantly die and turn to wood. the heart will be inside the wooden figure unharmed 

    if sold to a wizard the heart will fetch 1000 gold

    if sold to a witch or warlock they will offer one potion or spell of any kind in trade

  2. The Heart of the Forest is the life-essence of the forest, concentrated within a magical knife. So long as it is concentrated in the knife, the forest will become more blighted–the druid has caused this blight by creating the Heart.

    What does it do? It lets you speak to the forest trapped within it, invigorating you and allowing you to ignore wounds. While you wield it, you do not roll Last Breath until battle ends.

  3. It is a literal heart, a hideous pulsing thing of rotten wood that bleeds crystal clear sap with every labored beat, the sap seeping out through hollow, rune-laden needles of bone and into a great vessel where the druid rests, preternaturally young and glowing with dangerous power.

    This sap should be flowing out into the forest, feeding the great and ancient trees and curing unnatural ailments, but that river has been diverted.

    If the players manage to reconnect the heart to the forest, they need never fear the woods, any woods, again; Undertake a Perilous Journey doesn’t even trigger, they have everything they need for a safe journey and whatever boon the forest grants them.

    If they cut it out and take it with them, they can drink of the sap whenever they Make Camp, curing all debilities and recovering all hit points. Roll +WIS when doing so; on a 7-9, some sap is spilled, causing nature to spread and cause a problem for them in its vengeance. On a 6-, in addition to whatever else you say, the heart is dead.

  4. Translating that, you might need to eat the heart to become part plant elemental. You can now eat just about any plant material to get sustenance. When you die and your body is buried fast in a swamp, you will become a Swamp Shambler. 

  5. Tim Franzke Hee. Though… if it allowed you to bring someone back to life by destroying an entire forest that would actually be pretty awesome.

    Hey, maybe the druid is trying to do that and that’s why the forest has gone all blighty?

    Edit: Ninja’d slightly. Consider this an alternate translation.

  6. Zachary Groombridge I really like your idea. It has helped me with a different vision but maybe you could help with more suggestions. I like the idea that in the ruins that there is growth of roots and flesh/decay all around. I was thinking of having the druid be a treant with the heart of the forest being a gem/amulet embedded in the wooden flesh of the druid. I was going to say that only way to get rid of the blight is either by killing the druid or removing it from him since anyone evil wielding the heart of the forest causes corruption. I want the item to have a 2nd function though. The idea is for either them to do research to find out how to use it or what not. They will be fighting a sorceress Kavira and an apocalypse dragon but I don’t know how to make the Heart of the Forest be able to fend of the sorceress/apocalypse dragon or help aid the party. you have any ideas?

  7. say that wearing the amulet turns the wearer into wood forever and that only a druid can survive it.   if a pc puts it on they figure that out.  if they reasurch it they figure that out.  if they can somehow trick the sorceress/apocalypse dragon  to wear it then they turn to wood.  it wont help the party in the fight much but it gives them a way to solve the problem of the sorceress/dragon through diplomacy or trickery.   heck maybe they get inventive and have a giant gold chain made for the amulet and build a dragon trap so that when the dragon leaves it’s lair the chain falls around it’s neck.  maybe they spend the whole fight trying to climb up the dragon’s back to wrap the amulet ovr the dragon’s head.  maybe the party turns itself into wooden statues and the adventure ends there.  


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