Created an NPC for my group’s first session.

Created an NPC for my group’s first session.

Created an NPC for my group’s first session. Depending on player choices, he can be an ally or enemy, as well as his retinue of knights. 

Is this  too much for 3-4 lvl 1 players to face? 

Iron-Lion: 16HP, 4 Armor, 2d10+2(2 piercing) damage, weapon has Messy

Sonnengard Knights: 8HP, 2 Armor, d8+1 damage

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  1. As long as you’ve made it clear the Knight is a tough opponent (GM Move: reveal an unwelcome truth) and they go and make an enemy of them anyway, that’s on the players. Not you. Stick to your GM principles.

    Who knows, maybe the rogue will slip a little something in his drink and all that armor and damage die will be meaningless.

  2. 4 Armor is considered a lot of armor for a “monster” so I would make it realllllly clear that he is a bad ass bitch…

    Best of 2D10 with ignoring two armor AND messy is going to probably result in at least one character death if you dont make pussy hard moves too.

    especially if you have to worry about the guards at the same time.

    that said I would fight this fucker.

  3. Mike Pureka

     not only are dragons armored, but if the fiction doesn’t make sense for you to deal damage, you don’t deal damage.

    if The Fighter punches me, she deals 1d10+STR; If she punches a dragon, she deals no damage (instead of 1d10+STR-Armor), and may want to make amends to a recently-punched dragon. :/

    If she punches a dragon while wearing the mighty Brass Knuckles of Dragon Slaying, she doesn’t roll damage because, as we all know, those knuckles make dragons blow up.

  4. Ah, for some reason, i have it in my head that H&S added STR to damage.  looks like i need to go disappoint some characters, and have some previously-thought-to-have-been-vanquished foes show back up, looking to resolve their combats!

    I bought some Brass Knuckles of Dragon Slaying from an online wholesaler.  They were made in China, and turns out they only work on Chinese Dragons.  The Aztec feathered serpent that was plaguing my neighborhood wasn’t fazed, and i lost three goats escaping!

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