24 thoughts on “Has anyone tried a career system like WFRP 1st or 2nd with DW?”

  1. DW has something like that but it’s when you hit level 11 you can switch to another playbook and keep a few moves that are core to your character. I’ve never played a game that long so I have no idea how that would work and since DW was designed to go 10 levels then either get a new one or overhaul your old one, you’d be looking at a pretty big hack.

  2. I would actually read Johnstone Metzger​​’s Class Warfare before designing that.

    Also, if you want to give DW a general WFRP feel, Grim World is the place to start.

  3. I’ve thought about it, but I never actually developed it (too busy playing standard DW ^^’ ). My idea was to break the classes into two parts: levels 1-5 “basic careers” and levels 6-10 “advanced careers”. The basic careers would be something like “ratcatcher”, “indentured servant”, “scullion” etc. The advanced careers would be more “noble” professions like the usual “knight”, “druid”, “cleric”, “assassin” etc. Every “basic career” would give access only to some “advanced careers” (like in WFRPG) provided that you reach the 6th level and have the requirements for that class/career (the requirements would have been easier than those for Compendium Classes). 

    This concept was to be set in a darker and more medieval (Renaissance actually) version of Dungeon World, something inspired by the art of Albrecht Dürer and Ian Miller.

  4. This was partways my aim with Pirate World’s Backgrounds; career-focused compendium classes that are separate from your main class. They’re finished, and the book should be released soon! Let me know if you’d like a preview of the Backgrounds chapter.

    Other than that, Johnstone Metzger’s Class Warfare looks seriously cool. Definitely worth checking out 🙂

  5. Yeah I’d like to take a look and see how you approached it James.

    Class warfare is great but you don’t get the basic classes that imo made wfrp fun. It’s something that could be fixed though

  6. I’ve sent the link, Justin, let me know what you think! It’s definitely a bit more out-there than ordinary careers (e.g. it has witch hunters, merchants, antiquarians), but should be useful all the same 🙂

  7. I don’t think FFG has exclusive rights to rat catchers and coal burners. The essence of the idea is how your people start as commoners. I think if we were to build on Johnstone’s platform then a commoner base skill could be added. It still sort of misses the point but it’s close. 

  8. You could write up all those careers as short compendium classes (no 6-10 moves), and start the game the way Funnel World does. You get minimum HP and damage die until you gain 2 specialties from a particular archetype, then you’re that archetype. It could work.

  9. There’s definitely a Mordheim Dungeon World crossover around somewhere: it’s pretty good, and might already cover a bunch of these options! I’ll see if I can find it.

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