I’m giving you guys a bit more notice this time.

I’m giving you guys a bit more notice this time.

I’m giving you guys a bit more notice this time.  At 6pm PST tonight, we’re going to try to wrap up the adventure we started last night.

Come check out the Livestream here: http://www.twitch.tv/indigognat

Larry “The Wise” and his partner Humble the “Badass” Thief are following their savage guide, Deamon into the Briarmaw to collect ingredients for a new batch of love potions.  

Upon meeting at the Three Rivers Tavern, Larry “The Brave” being very drunk off of sub-par apple brandy, invited along the starry eyed Bard Adsila and her naive Princess companion, Delphinium.

They all agree to take Delphiniums carriage into the forest despite Deamons pointing out that the aptly named Briarmaw would not be conducive to such a mode of transportation.  

Come join us, hang out, talk shit and feel free to tell us how we’re doing it all wrong.


7 thoughts on “I’m giving you guys a bit more notice this time.”

  1. i missed the Boat yesterday, and was disappointed in myself.  After much self-flagellation, i am pleased to see another stream.

    Are you capturing the VODs to put on youtube or elsewhere?

  2. I’ll put them up on YouTube only if you tighten your Celice and fast for a week!  

    I’m gonna be ripping the audio into Podcasts as well for those who hate themselves enough to listen to such drivel.  

  3. I intend to watch the stream.  As long as you’re stabbing all the things, i don’t expect to have much constructive criticism; however, I may try to sell you my line of homemade vitamin juice (actually, i just bottle and sell my urine – It’s Naturopath-approved™!*…).

    *no certification of approval available

  4. I’ll be sure to provide my players with lots of things to stab!  

    Their carriage is gonna get stuck 20 feet into the Briarmaw, wanna tell me who (or what) is going to come to their “rescue”?

  5. I’m not sure what the Briarmaw is yet, so i’m imagining the Sarlac pit from Return of the Jedi.

    That being the case, i think a party wagon is coming by, full of revelers dressed in motley, hoping for a day of watching prisoners be fed to an angry beast!

  6. The Briarmaw is a huge dangerous forest but thanks to your misinterpretation/suggestion there is now a massive tentacled aberration that telepathically demands souls.  

    Twice a year prisoners are brought to the pit to be executed.  Everyone get’s super excited about it and almost no one is driven mad by the psychic gibbering of the pit beast.

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