Charlatan’s Tonic

Charlatan’s Tonic

Charlatan’s Tonic

When a character drinks the Charlatan’s Tonic, whatever name it may go by, his most maddening medical malady is miraculously mitigated!  That’s right folks, a flask’ll make your woes be gone in a flash.

The side effect?  Slurs and libels.  There’s no conclusive proof that drinking the tonic causes a new disease, more ironically suited to the host, to reveal itself within the week. 

Can cure a disability if drunk by a PC, although that entitles the MC/GM to a health related hard move in the near future (including incurring new disabilities)

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  1. Nope!  Not this time.  Welding school during the week takes up my whole afternoon, and all my roleplaying energies are being sunk into the beta of ApocWorld : Dark Age.  I’ll be stuck in those efforts for the foreseeable future.

    But I’m searching for you in Facebook now, since the Forseeable Future is bound to end sometime..

  2. Facebook didn’t let me search via email address, and there are a bunch of Wesley Staffords that show up.  Alternately, I’m one of the people ‘liking’ the War and Pieces page.

    Oh yeah, they’re great.

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