Arcane Archer – Class Warfare Edition

Arcane Archer – Class Warfare Edition

Arcane Archer – Class Warfare Edition

I recreated my Arcane Archer as a Class Warfare specialty. I put it into the Magician since it has the best synergies there. The most obvious things would be to either go 

Arcane Archer + Magician Specialty for extra Spells + Sharpshooter to focus more on the magical and utility side or to go with a Warrior base of 

Sharpshooter with Arcane Archer (you don’t need much else in the beginning although Veteran, Friend of the Wild or Bounty Hunter make sense). Other choices are certainly valid though. Maybe Blue Mage, Arcane Archer and Friend of the Wild for a kind of Arcane Ranger. Martial Hero might also be interesting to look at. 

Right now I have one 6-10 move too many so please tell me wether Soulbow or Covering Fire fit better or if both can stay. I am not completely sure on that point yet. If you have a cool idea for a Halfling racial move I would be happy too. 

Also tell us any cool other combinations you can think of. Maybe with Shadowmancer and Shadow?

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