Made a huuuuuge world. It has an entire mythology. VERY EXCITED.

Made a huuuuuge world. It has an entire mythology. VERY EXCITED.

Made a huuuuuge world. It has an entire mythology. VERY EXCITED. 

Wondering if anyone with GM experience is willing to chat with me for an hour or so about the mechanics of running battles, how monsters work, that sort of thing? I /have/ read the books but I’m looking for tips tricks etc. 

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  1. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a master GM by any means, I do have quite a bit of experience with Dungeon World mechanics and worldbuilding. I’d be happy to give you pointers and help you out with the finer points of combat and running the game. Just let me know what medium you would prefer for said chat.

  2. I also would be glad to help. I agree with Christopher Stone-Bush that an important part of Dungeon World, compared to other games and the reason I love it, is to not over create the world. This may not be the case for you and your message was just hard to understand. I have run many sessions of Dungeon World (in fact I am bringing to four new people this weekend) and other games. I have mentored a lot of GMs over the years and would be glad to help you. If we don’t talk good luck with your game. You will have a blast and just remember the two guides that will make it magical: Let the story flow and Be a fan of the characters.

  3. I read the books, and the way to go seemed to be to create a little bit of “flavor text” for each of the places on my map, but leave plenty of room for the players to ask questions and make changes? Accordingly, the blurbs I’ve written for each place (the ones I’ve got to at least) aren’t terribly detailed, and the mythology is largely supposed to be backdrop? But yes, I’d love to talk. I’m on skype at eastallegheny if that works for you, or I have AIM if that’s easier?

  4. Lily, I wish you Hearty Good Luck on jumping in to GM.  Be open with your group and not afraid to ask for a little ‘room’ to figure something out, or to make a ‘mistake’ here and there.  It will be great!!

  5. Lily Montgomery

    Sounds like you’re on the right track then.  I think the hardest part of ‘World Building’ in Dungeon World is asking questions that give interesting answers.  (And/or not stopping until you get something ‘good’ out of the player).

    I also recommend the Dungeon World Guide linked above – it’ll probably answer a lot of “how does X work?” questions.

  6. It’s incredibly hard to resist this urge. My train was delayed for 15mins yesterday and I accidentally wrote five generations of family history, a fallen civilisation, and how it tied in with a fallen god.

    EDIT: I am also happy to offer tips and share experiences/learnings.

  7. You can definitely do a lot with that; use that mythology as the seeds for Fronts! Also, look up Compendium Classes: there’s a great way to build a setting in conjunction with player choices.

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